Same story

With Gemini FUD going on, I’m not sure how I can on-ramp anymore except for Coinhako LOL. Honestly, coinhako has very limited functions and always lags at periods of high volatility. So honestly I hope Gemini stays solvent LOL.

Still room to move imo. still below 200EMA, so nothing bullish imo.

For those that says that TA doesn’t work, I disagree. Use it correctly and it’ll be a good one to add into your toolbox. TA works well with something with good historical PA imo. SPX, BTC, ETH, etc. On alts, not so much. At least this is based on my experience.

Other than that one rug from FTX, haven’t been DCAing. I know I’ve said this many times, but the time isn’t here yet imo. Be patient. The time will come.

3 weeks until the end of placement, can’t wait for it. The light at the end of the tunnel is close. 6 more months before becoming a physio. Time flies.. only when you look at things retrospectively.

If SP500 closes like this on the weekly chart, could this be the start of a tower fall? Hmmmm.


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