What alts would I be accumulating soon?

Transitioned from being a stubborn “bull” to reluctant bear. But I think that many alts are entering into early stages of accumulation.

To my own surprise, the alts that I’ll be accumulating wouldn’t be adding onto my long term bags. I’ll be holding them. Believe that you know what I’m in.

Throughout early 2023 > 2024, I’ll prolly only accumulate 1 alt. Either $PYR or $SOL.

Think the 2 links above summarises things better than I would. Personally, I lean more towards $SOL, I was reluctant to buy SOL initially due to its high mcap and also I rode it from 100ish to 240ish. So I’m happy with that.

But seeing how they have been progressing in the bear markets makes it hard to neglect their progress.. sure they have their own set of issues, e.g. centralised network, breaking down, yada yada yada. At the end of day, ask yourself.. are there any other projects pushing as hard as them? Coming up with marketing gimmicks (SOL phone) just to make Crypto more accessible for non-crypto folks.

I think that it is only a matter of time before they return their all time high. Given their NFT traction and the top class devs building on their blockchain. (Aurory, Genopets and etc)

Moving to $PYR, another L1 riding on the metaverse hype. Tbh, $PYR has a HUGE potential to grow given that it’s only at 80-90m.. if this takes off, it can easily be the next 50-60x tbh.

So in terms of R/R, $PYR stands out. However in terms of adoption, $SOL still stands first.

In terms of accessibility, it’s much easier and accessible to get $SOL instead of $PYR. If y’all have a Gemini account, you can start to accumulate $SOL there. Honestly, easy work. Just wire money in and repeat your weekly/monthly DCA when the time comes.

Whereas for $PYR, you’ve to transfer funds to Binance or Kucoin for you to be able to buy it. Quite a lot of work but worth it for a 10-50x imo.

Honestly if you would like something with higher probability then betting on $SOL would be a smart choice. If you want higher return but lower probability then go for $PYR.

In terms of returns, $PYR (10-50x imo), $SOL (5-10x)

Tough choice but leaning more towards $SOL at this point of time all because of their devs activity and traction. Tbh, 5-10x tho seems “pathetic” in Crypto sense, it’s still an extremely good return. Put 5k and you’ll get 25k. Then take out 90%, and put into something safer like REITS, you’ll receiving a decent alternative income for the rest of your life.. (That’s if they continue giving their dividends), so do check their track records too.

Don’t aim for moonshots all the time, aim for something with higher probability but lower returns then repeat the whole process.

And for you to make the best out of $SOL, you must bet big. I would say at least high 4 figures or low 5 figures if possible..

Atb anons

What’s the next big narrative after ETH merge?

If you want a “safe” 3-5x, honestly this is the answer. Simple $BTC, nothing too fancy..

This would honestly be a dream.. An absolute gift for those who are patient. I am shifting my mindset, from a downtrading market to potentially accumulating before the next cycle. All I have been doing is learning how to trade and analyze charts, so I can make the best out of the next cycle.

100k BTC isn’t out of the question, just a matter of when imo.. So I would like to at least own 1 BTC and accumulate BTC around 11-13k. That would be around 30% of my total PF. But I think it is worth the R/R at this point of time. So, if it comes, I will be bidding and DCAing throughout 2023 till 2024 BTC halving. I would be working at that point of time so accumulating some wouldnt be an issue, but if it comes now, the max I can go is only 1 unfortunately.. A small amount compared to many other financial folks out there.

Torn between ETH or BTC, but I think narrative wise going forward, BTC has a stronger edge. Nothing concrete yet, but I am open to accumulating either one. Leaning more towards ETH out of love for L1 but it’s important to detach your emotions from investing/trading.

These 2 years will have a strong impact on your net worth in the far future, so pick and wisely.. You will be rewarded in the end anons.

Eth merge.. sell the news?

For those that managed to catch the bottom for ETH, I think a few days before the merge would be a good time to sell esp if you have managed to 2x your capital.

Dont be a blind moon boy..

Look at the market structure and think again about holding any positions. No idea where the bottom will be, but if $740 comes, I will be bidding. Slow and steady..

This is where you gotta build up your trading psychology, go with probabilities. Given the structure of the chart above, what are the chances of ETH mooning past ATHs? Unlikely imo..

Like it or not, if you’re in Crypto. You must learn how to trade or you will always be at the losing end. This isn’t an index fund, you can’t apply DCA here and I learnt it the hard way.

I suspect there will be one more hard nuke from here, will prolly be a catastrophic one. Decimation I reckon. Let’s see.

Bidding when the time comes.. Hopefully $1, thats what ill be aiming for.
Leaving this here, will reassess again after accumulating and waiting for 2-3 years. The next metaverse hype will be wild.

Profitable trading “so far”

Been awhile since I’ve updated my trading plans, but I’ve managed to compound the initial $50 till $400 USD. So I’m pretty pleased with it. Of course Ive lost almost all but managed to make a comeback and have been tweaking my trading plan ever since.

So far, I’ve only been trading one type candle stick pattern. Literally just one LOL. I’ll prolly come up with another post for that talking about my strategy because it’ll be a fairly dry topic.

My plan forward is really simple and small, to generate $50-$100 per week if possible for my own spending LOL. Treat myself or my close ones to a cheap meal or whatever.

When I get more comfortable with trading in bigger size (4-5 figures) on low leverage, then the weekly generated income will prolly be larger. But the sole focus now is only 50-100 per week as this is the amount that I believe is possible at my current novice level. That’s all I want for now, not aiming for any unrealistic moonshot. Consistency is what I strive for.

Although I’ve improved emotionally in terms of trading, there’s more to work on and the learning process will never end because every situation is unique on its own.

This post shall serve as a reflection to always remain humble and hungry for knowledge even when in profit. I know that my profits are small and pathetic compared to many others, but I believe with time and a lot of effort eventually I’ll get there.

Dumb money is still good money eh?

Market pumped all because of this.. LOL only to nuke back down again. Whatever it is, still an easy short tbh.

Honestly can’t wait for accumulation phase where I can start to buy a crap load of ETH. Patience is king here.

Look at where the bollinger bands are.. further confluence for $700ish ETH.

Bidding when the time comes. Until then, fade all pumps..

$DC on Kucoin

If this is truly as hyped as Ape previously, it’s gonna go wild from here. At only 10.8m Mcap, it defo has a lot of room to run. 10x would only put at a measly 100m.

But this is an extremely risky game to play, generally these coins will dump hard on listing day only for it to moon hard after.

This is a clear example. I’ll only be APEing a small portion into this. Prolly 3 figures just for fun. No rush yet, would be observing how PA develops from there.

Market manipulation?

This has been the case for a long long time. Remember atlas or genopets? Those that got into Atlas’s IDO would have been up over 7000%. Crazy returns. Imagine putting in just $100.. Wouldve been 700k at it’s peak.

This is why retail investors are always at a losing end. If you’re not willing to lose money and still want exposure to Crypto and still would like to shield yourself from manipulation. Then just DCA in BTC/ETH at the right time. It is unlikely that you’ll fail unless Crypto goes to zero.

Guaranteed your gains will be “limited”, but on the flip side, your downside will be limited too. But tbh, you could still easily 2-5x on ETH. Prolly before BTC halving in 2024. So 2-5x is still a respectable return when you pull tradfi into comparison. Dont be greedy. For you to generate 2x returns with SP500, it would take you prolly 2-4 decades LOL. Now, put that in comparison with Crypto..

It is easy to get lost in stories of individuals making x100-1000 in Cryto. Majority of it is due to luck tbh. Having said that, the more you study and learn, the more opportunities you discover, the luckier you’ll get. Simple probability.

Put 10k in ETH at a decent time, it could potentially be 50k in a few years. 5x is honestly not unreasonable. Considering you’re still sane at that point of time and not caught up in euphoria and have sold most of it (40k) and put it in a simple REIT ETF.

4% of 40k would be 1.6k which is roughly $133 extra every month. Think about what you can do with it. Sure you can take it to put it back in Cryto if you would like and repeat the process or treat your wife to a meal but the key note here is that whatever you do from this point of time with your $133 would essentially be risk-free.

Heck, you can even use your $133 to learn how to trade. Lose it and you can still try again next month. Keep doing it and eventually you’ll be proficient at it.

Remember anons, the only ones worth DCAing into would be the King (BTC) and Queen (ETH). Never deviate from this. The rest of the coins in your portfolio are “rent and return”. Don’t marry your bags.

28k BTC idea invalidated

Sold all my short-term spot bags yesterday, managed to cut loses quick before it compounds. Adaptability is key here. Always prioritize capital protection in a bear market.

At the end of the day, it’s all just probabilities. Any bounces from here are shorting, just purely based on my trading system. Doge/Shib mooning was really the top signal. Guess that the only thing that I did well this time was cutting my losers early and hedging with a short. So close to breakeven. It is what it is, we learn and move on.


This is something that I will never understand, if you thinking of apeing into some meme tokens on a meme blockchain.

Kudos to your bravery, but you should avoid the HODLER mentality here or you’ll get rekted. The PvP game’s getting harder and harder to play as liquidity is drying out and it is likely that the players that you’re playing against are sophisticated gamblers.

So the odds are against you really. But please only ape in what you’re willing to lose. Stay safu anons.

Generally, when meme coins starts pumping, it is an indicator that the uptrending market is about to end. Except for the last cycle where Metaverse tokens followed suit, after which L1s were the narrative.

I do think that the metaverse is heating up and that it’ll be the next to run after meme tokens.

Currently, I am only invested in AXS as I like how the chart looks, hoping for alil more dip to get in with more size.

It’s ok if you miss the run with meme tokens, the higher it climbs, the harder it falls. I’ll remember it at resistance.