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Don’t fight the big money, always follow and ride the trend.

Completely agree with this, many crappy NFT projects did well during the NFT craze period. Followed by crappy ass metaverse projects (Alice) doing well during the metaverse szn.

Identify the trend and hop on potential projects under the same category. Hard to go wrong tbh with this approach.

Always take profits in FIAT and have an exit strategy.

One of the mistakes I’ve made, conviction can be a double edged sword. Always look at price action. It’s the most important indicator.

I’ll leave a link here so y’all can read it yourself. Good short thread tbh.

Embrace frugality

Awesome vid! Thought that I should share it here.
100k net worth before the age of 30 would be my biggest goal for now.

Do note that these advices might not apply in SG, so gotta adapt this plan according to your needs.

Simple summary

  • Live beyond your means, save as much as you can
  • DCA into index funds (SP500)
  • Enjoy things that are free
  • Repeat over and over again
  • Financial freedom!
  • Simple plan but challenging path

ATB anons!

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Love this thread!

Prices are too attractive now for me not to DCA. 90cents FTM/WILD is a dream come true. Bring CRV below $2 too and I’ll be interested again.

Exactly lol, don’t give 100% trust to anyone on CT

Ape maxis are on another level lolol. I was wrong about this. Reminds me of dog coins maxis.. not sure how high it’s gonna go but the eventual path will be down like it or not. Look at Doge and Shiba for reference. There’s no such thing as up only forever, so take profits responsibly.

If a monster move is incoming for BTC, buckle up and be ready. The longer the range, the crazier the pump or dump kek.

Index fund DCA is the way to go. Simple and effective. Not easy to stay on track tho.
Mandatory to always end up with a food pic lolol

Good readdd

Same thing, I will extract out interesting points!

Whales manipulation exist everywhere be it Tradfi or Crypto. Only way to break out of this is through acquiring more knowledge.

Slaving for 50 years and dumping most of your $ into SP500 as your sole investment would not have been a bad idea tbh, just look at SP500’s chart and the direction it is going. You’ll understand what I’m talking about. Sure, working for 50 years might not be ideal for most, but that will be the life of many and prolly yours too, like it or not. That’s why it is important to like what you are doing!

And Yes, BTC narrative has always been to fight against inflation, having said that, it has not been behaving the way it should because Crypto as a whole is still a relatively young market. Give it time to mature, perhaps eventually it will fulfil what it is meant to do.

I do agree with these statements
TA only works to a certain extent in Crypto. Always analyse and assess possible narratives. If prices are being attractive and going close to your support levels, sometimes it’s wise to snap on that opportunity because you never know when it’ll bounce and how much it would.
Defi blue chips like CRV being valued below 9 figures mcap is honestly mind-blowing while other L1s being valued at 9 figures mcap with dying TVL.. lolol. SMH. Would never understand why.

But it is what it is. CRV is extremely undervalued in my eyes. Eventually double digits imo. Give it time.

Next article!

Sometimes the best way to make money is to buy/DCA and forget about it. Easier said than done of course!
Sad but true
Months in Crypto is equivalent to idk how many years in Tradfi context lolol.
Bear market is a different ball game.
Truly this! If you want something, you gotta put in the effort. No excuses..

Created a sub-category for good reads! I’ll be posting up my thoughts together with interesting perspectives more in the future! Hopefully y’all can gain something outta this. Market has been going down since Nov lolol. This is the time where you should be reading up and learning as much as you can. Knowledge will always be your advantage, make good use of your curiosity!