Metamask experience (Crypto)

Recently, I have seen a lot of people making 10, 20 and even 100x of their initial capital investing into new coin tokens. Which got me curious, how do people find these coins before anyone else? Is it due to hours of hard work put into research or is it just sheer luck? So out of curiosity, I decided to try it out.

The process of creating Metamask and sending your cash over was pretty complex and it took me awhile to get the hang of it. After creating my Metamask account, I had to connect it to PancakeSwap. To be frank, this was another complex step and I had difficulties trying to connect it. So, I decided to ask for help in a Telegraph group and within a minute there were A LOT of people contacting me be it through call or message.

Many of them were asking for my secret phrase to Metamask and turned out to be scammers. It is imperative that you do not share your Metamask secret phase to anyone as when they have access to it and hack into your account, all your assets cannot be recovered.

Next up, it is imperative that you do your own research and check the fundamentals of the coin before getting into the trade. You can read my previous post to understand more on how to avoid the shady coins.

If you would like to know more on how to create a Metamask account and also connect it to binance smart chain, do click on the link below.

Thank you for reading this short post of mine. Stay safe and healthy!

Poocoins x100, too good to be true? (Valuable lesson)

I would like to share a short story and be as transparent as I can so that all of you would not make the same mistake as me. As you know Metamask allows you to buy coins before they even explode however there are some coins that you can buy and CANNOT SELL. (Scam coins)

So it is important for you to check on the Poocoin website to ensure that you can sell the coins before getting into the trade and also ensure that you are getting into something reputable through checking their official twitter/telegraph and see where they are listed.

Example of a coin that you can sell when you swap on pancake swap

Example of a coin that you CANNOT sell when you swap on pancake swap

Besides this, you can also check their official website to get their launch dates and token address before including it on pancake swap. Lastly, it is important that you check which blockchain the coin is listed on! If it is listed on Solano and Poocoins shows this “CoinExample/BNB”, means that this is not in the Solano smart chain. *Red flag*


  1. Check if you can sell the coins on Poocoins (google it)
  2. Check if the reliability/validity of the coin on their official twitter/telegraph group regarding their project/followers and also launch date.
  3. Make sure that it is on the correct smart chain! *They may put the exact same name as the coin that you are buying and if it is listed on a different exchange then the underlying asset is different*

Lesson for myself: As much as this hurts me, I have got to move on and tell myself to not be complacent and be more diligent with my research. Keep working at it and eventually everything will fall into place.

That’s all I have to share, please study in depth into what you are investing! I am lucky to have only lost 100plus but I am already feeling the pinch. This experience has again validated my passive investing approach which is almost guaranteed to win in the long run. Hope that you have learnt something from this! Stay safe.

23 August 2021, Portfolio reshuffling (Where and why)


China has been one of the fastest growing economy and have had strong economy growth in the past 2 decades and I have recently started investing into it through an index (2801). It has been in the negative (red) zone (-9.43%) thus far, and you can see from the chart below that the current price as of 23 August 2021 is $28. (The peak was $41 on 18 Feb 2021)

The reason why I chose to invest in an index like 2801 instead of individually buying stocks such as Alibaba, Baidu and Xiaomi is because I want a more passive/diversified approach when it comes to stocks, and I simply don’t have the time to individually study them because of other commitments. Another reason why I chose 2801 is because it is not domiciled in the United States hence your dividends will be not taxed! *Do note that US domiciled stocks have 30% withholding dividend tax*

Stricter regulations have caused the dip but instead of being flustered, I see this as a good opportunity to buy in more and get more exposure to it because I truly believe in the fundamentals (Just look at Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba) and I believe that prices will eventually be corrected.

The key now is to be patient and get more exposure to it because such an opportunity may never come again. Stay firm and the market will eventually reward you well. My investing horizon for this index would be anywhere from 20 to 30 years so within this period, I will just continue to dollar cost average (DCA) into it and the DCA amount would vary depending on the price.

Thank you for reading this short post of mine! Stay safe.

Short and quick update (Crypto portfolio)

The crypto market has been on an amazing bull run with Bitcoin hitting the 50k mark. I would attribute most of my gains from crypto to be related to this bull run. I have gained more than 30% in my total crypto portfolio with one of my coins doubling my profits. (Probably going to go up even more!)

My crypto portfolio has hit the 5% mark in my total portfolio, and this is a sign for me to stop putting money into it and focus on other areas as I am only willing to risk 5% of my portfolio into crypto. If this ever exceeds 5%, then perhaps it would be time to take some profits and reshuffle it back to ETF.

However, one dilemma that I have is that all my crypto coins can be good long term holds hence I am considering leaving it as it is and in the future take some crypto gains to build more crypto GAINZ. Whereas for stocks ETF, I would probably rely on frugal living and income to continue to fund it. Difficult decision hmmm…

Anyway, I probably would not have much time to think about this and would just check this periodically as my school starts tomorrow and it is time to focus on it. I might be away for a while, but I will be back and if I can squeeze in some free time to post something, I definitely would!

Thank you for taking your time to read this short post of mine. Stay safe!

Subtle art of not giving a f* (Summary and reflection)

It took me exactly a week to finish this book and initially I thought that this book was not something that I would be interested in. However, I decided to change it up and give this book a go and I must say that I don’t regret it at all despite it is not a “financial” book as it has allowed me to take a deeper reflection in my life and my actions thus far.

Brief summary and reflection

Backwards law: The pursuit of positive experience is itself a negative experience and acceptance of negative experience is itself a positive experience.

  • This made me ponder on how many times I have been in a negative experience be it school or relationship and still try to look to find a hint of positivity within it instead of accepting that it was a negative experience and move on from it
  • The author gave an example that if you desperately want to be happy then the lonelier you will feel.
  • What I have learnt from this is to accept all the negative experience, look back on what has already happened and see how I can learn from it to be a better human being.

Worried about what others think about you or are you always worried about how much money you have left?

  • The issue here is that you don’t have better things to worry about.
  • This made me dive deeper into my thoughts, have you ever had this experience where you talked to someone and the next time you see them, they act like they have never met you?
  • This made me think what have I done wrong? What I could have done better?
  • The endless thoughts sometimes eats you up and this part made me realised that it is maybe I don’t have anything better to worry about.
  • My strategy: the next time endless negative thoughts pop ups, I will ask myself if this affects my future career, loved ones, studies, or investment goals. If it does not, then this is not something that I should place to much emphasis on.

Negative emotions help us as they are signals for you do something and if you are training yourself to ignore it them, you are limiting yourself. (I see it as limitations to personal growth)

  • These negative emotions are signals that we have challenges that we need to overcome.
  • How many times have you experience a negative emotion and brush it off only for it to resurface again and the cycle continues.
  • Reflection: Next time when I experience negative emotion, cool if off, look at it again when I am calmer and ask myself if this is something that I need to work on? Is it affecting my loved ones, career, studies, and investment? If no, then I will find try to find another problem to worry about.  

Happiness comes from solving problems

  • This is important as not all problems are worth solving and that’s why it is important to have goals and ask yourself if the problem you are solving brings you closer to that goal? If not, why are you doing it?

You are not special, nobody is!

  • Many times, people feel that they are awesome and the rest are incomparable to them hence they deserve some sort of special treatment without working for it which is a form of entitlement.
  • On the flip side, there are people who feel that their negative circumstances are worse off than everyone else and expects everyone to give them special treatment
  • Reflection: Sometimes when I get really good grades or when I made a really good investment, I would feel as though I am on top of the world. But the reality is, I need to be more objective and look at my past failures as well and tell myself that I am not that special after all.
  • Reflection: This is really important as it helps me to stay grounded and down to earth.

We should all struggle for something to make life meaningful

  • The author gave an example of how a Japanese soldier fought for 20 or 30 years past WW2 thinking that it was still going on and when he returned to back home, he realised that the Japan he was fighting for has changed.
  • He begun to question himself that all these years what has he been fighting for?
  • Reflection: If your struggles aligns with your values and goals then yes it is worth the struggle, if not, why should you bother?


  • It is not your fault then something negative happened, but it is absolutely your responsibility to determine how you would respond to it
  • Reflection: Sometimes or rather most of the time, life is unfair. It is important to not feel entitled to anything and be responsible for your own actions.

If you don’t know what to do, just do something!

  • Do something when you don’t know anything is key and I can relate to this as many times during exams where the clock is ticking, I don’t really have the luxury of taking my time to process through things so the only thing I can do is to keep thinking and keep working on the problem and usually eventually something will pop out!  

Importance of saying no

  • I feel that this is especially important, and this applies to me. Sometimes in the face of peer pressure you will do things that you may regret in the future.
  • I absolutely dislike it when people pressure you to pay for something for their own benefit. This always hits me hard and yes this is something that I choose to care about because it will affect my investment targets.
  • But however, I have still gotten swayed away a few times and did it anyway. This is still something that I need to work on. Saying no to things that I am uncomfortable with, and I believe that I am slowly improving in this aspect will continue to do so.
  • But having said that, it is always important to learn to relax your finances on people who are worth it, and I never had an issue with being generous with close ones. So, like the previous point, you have got to pick your struggles.

Commitment itself is freedom

  • Wait what? Is it truly freedom when you can’t freely roam around and explore other choices?
  • To a certain extent, yes! Let me put it into context, if you were to commit your life to someone special, you don’t have to care about who to date, what is your type of partner and etc. All you need to do is to focus on one which is also a form of freedom.

That’s the end of all the summary and it is definitely not as brief as I would like it to be but I believe that this is a good summary. Hopefully when I look back at this a few years from now, I would have made some significant improvements on myself.

Once again, thank you for sticking till the end. Stay safe!

Leverage Trading (Crypto)


During this past 3-4 months of long holiday, I have decided to devote more time into investing and possibly even venture into trading. After watching numerous TikTok and YouTube videos regarding scalping and day trading strategy, I have decided to test it out myself.

For those who are new, leverage trading basically means that you are borrowing money to trade and since you have a bigger buying power, your profits/losses will be amplified. Therefore it is important to do your research before diving into this as this is really high risk.

As a start I have only deposited 40USD into my account. I have tried trading numerous pairs such as ETH/USD, XRP/USD, VET/USD and even DOGE/USD. Unfortunately, I have not been in the positive and I lost more than 50% of what I have put in originally.

Even though 20 USD may not seem like a big loss but if you put it in terms of percentage, 50% is a huge loss! Therefore it is always important to start small when you are starting out. There are some lessons that I would like to share based on this experience.

  1. It is important to set rules and boundaries such as stop loss (don’t lose more than you should)
  2. Use indicators to determine your entry point (William fractals for me)
  3. Use RSI to determine if it is in the overbought or oversold zone
  4. Follow the trend
  5. Use moving average to determine the trend (30,50 and 100 MA for me)
  6. Adjust your stop loss higher when you are in profit to ensure that even if your stop loss is triggered, you are still in profit.
  7. Lastly, don’t be greedy and put too much into one trade!

Even though I am negative 50%, I would say the lesson that I have learnt throughout the start of my trading journey has been positive as it has validated my decision of choosing the passive style of investing and buy and hold as it is proven to work in the long run if the fundamental of the company is solid.

Having said that, trading is something that I would like to improve on hence I will keep practicing and hopefully eventually I will get better at it.

Thank you for taking your time to read this short post. Stay safe.

One Way Up Wall Street (Brief Summary)

Reading has always been something that I enjoy and recently I have decided to read a book that has been left in my bookshelf for awhile due to school and I must say that this is one of the best book I have read. Highly recommended.

Brief summary

  1. There are many hidden gems yet to be discovered by wall street. Whenever the author pays a visit to a potential business, he would always follow up with this question “when was the last time an analyst from wall street came?”. Answers such as never, 5 years ago would excite him.
  2. The common misconception that individuals have are that Wall Street has gotten everything covered, what’s there left to uncover? The answer is plenty as Wall Street analyst are tied down by many rules that does not apply to retail investors such as market cap. E.g. Wall Street analyst would usually wait for a smaller market cap stock to grow significantly (even 100x) before investing into as they would prefer to stay on the safe side.
  3. Do not invest in HOT stocks, how many times have you heard of companies hyped to be the next amazon actually achieving it?
  4. Look for companies that buy back shares as companies that buy back shares would make your shares more valuable.
  5. Sometimes hidden gems can be as simple as the food court opposite your place and the new burrito sandwich 15 minutes away from your house.
  6. Take note of a dividend payout record, if a company is able to distribute dividends even during recession, it means that you are investing in a good company.

Thank you for reading this short post and summary. I have included a YouTube link for a more comprehensive summary if you are interested.

Best crypto investment strategy?


The crypto market has been on a bull run recently with Ethereum hitting the 3k mark and Bitcoin hitting the 45k mark. Surely, this is the best to buy, isn’t it? But what if you buy at the peak and the price drops? When would be the peak of the crypto market so I can sell high and buy again when the market is low?

So many questions that unfortunately no one can answer because no one can predict the future. So, if no one can predict the future, when would you know when is the best time to buy? For me personally, it’s because I know that I don’t possess the skill to time the market, I would just buy and dollar cost average into it. So, I am currently putting $20-30 per week regardless of the price.

When the price is high, I would just put 20 however when the price is low I would bump it up to $30. What I am doing is essentially just buying lesser when the price is high and buying more when the price is low.

This dollar-cost average adjusting strategy that I use is universal throughout all my investment. This strategy is simple but yet takes a lot of focus to not deviate away as it is easy to be swayed away from the next big crypto and dump all your money into. Therefore, for this strategy to work it is important that you stay focus and not get off-track.

It is also imperative not to over-diversify into too many coins as this would spread you out too thin. Imagine having 100 coins and only 5 of them doubled or tripled the returns but because you spread out so much that you can only afford to put 15 bucks into it, the total return would only be 30 to 45 bucks. Compared to concentrating on a few coins with solid foundation, if one-coin triples, your gains would be more significant.

Personally, I only started investing into crypto roughly about 2 months and initially I was extremely overwhelmed because there were just so many coins out there. After doing some researching and reading, I decided to focus only on 2 coins for now which is Ethereum and Ripple.

I strongly believe in the fundamentals of these 2 coins hence the reason why I am investing into it.

That’s all I have to share, thank you for reading!



Life investment goals

My current goal would be on capital growth until it reaches 1million and hopefully this will happen when I am 40 years old. When this happens, I will start to put the capital into STI ETF and Singapore REITS for dividends and continue to be a part time physio by then.

4% of a million would be 40k per year extra in terms of dividends which is around 3.3k per month and this does not consider CPF and income from my job. So currently the most important for me to save aggressively, increase my side income and invest in growth stocks. Not going to lie, frugality was challenging at first, but I am glad that it is getting better now, and I am starting to enjoy things that don’t require spending at all.

For now, my biggest goal would be to hit 100k by the age of 30 in terms of just stocks and savings. Hopefully it will be possible. As the first 100k is always the hardest and subsequently compounding will do it’s magic and before you know you would have hit your lifelong goal.

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