100k before 30

The SS above has been one of the most interesting stories that I’ve read on Reddit. A combination of luck, intelligence and guts and really set someone up really nicely.

A common goal for many individuals including myself would be to reach 100k at the age of 30. But for you to achieve it, you would need to invest at least 1.5k per month with a 5% return per year and you should be able to reach this goal in 5-6 years.

Theoretically possible, but taking into account other big expenses such as wedding, getting a flat, car and etc. This goal may not be as simple as it is. It’s always simple in theory but never easy to execute. Which is why having a plan is imperative.

Furthermore, expecting a fixed 5% return per year on your investment can be too idealistic as you must remember that stocks be it VOO or other investment vehicles fluctuates. So there will be years where you are up 30% or down 30%. Hence the price you pay for your assets MATTERS regardless of the fundamentals and past performance. Doesn’t make sense to buy an expensive asset regardless of how life-changing it is.

Adulting can be daunting and scary esp when you meet up with your other peers who are doing much better than you. Making mental comparison can be inevitable. Having said that, key is to focus on your own journey and keep going at it.

I agree with this. But this is a highly risky strategy esp when you apply this to micro-caps. So DYOR.

Going forward, I am bullish in AI related crypto or stocks. I do think that this narrative has legs and will go far. So, I’m gonna position myself for it. Going for the highest ROI for this.

I do think that reaching 100k at the age of 30 is completely possible but it takes a tremendous amount of work and sacrifice. Esp those that are planning to get married and get a house etc.

The presence of such immense financial stress has led many to sought for alternative investments such as Crypto or even get rich quick schemes. Unfortunately, many scammers prey on this intense desire to “make it” only to benefit their own pockets. The list goes on, so it really pays to be financially literate.

I guess that’s all I have for today. Will look back at this in a few years time and see if I’ve managed to hit my goal!

$250 to 5mil

Same story as $SHIB and $DOGE. These stories will repeat itself over and over again. Many can hope and try but majority will fail. No difference from buying the lottery imo.

But still, worth a punt imo. Crypto is the only avenue where such gains are possible given the significant risk involved.

Anyone laughing at this dude needs a reality check. Dude makes life changing money and decided to materialise it. That’s all. Out traded many top traders with just one trade.

With a small capital, your best bet would be firing on low caps that are unlikely to die. Even with that, you’re not guaranteed to make it. But hey, risk to reward is still amazing NGL. If you wanna make life changing money, you NEED to take significant risk, no way around it.

It’s ok if the market humbled your ego last year. This shall be the year where you accumulate hard. Don’t let your past failures limit your future potential.

Those that are thinking of shorting $PEPE, unless you have amazing TA skills. I’ll urge you to stay away from it. There are other better options to short. Additionally, even if you short, you can only make a max of -99%. However if you were to buy spot and chill, you can easily make 10-100x during a bull run. ROI wise, doesn’t make sense to short. Not this late in the bear market anyway. We’re prolly in early stages of an accumulation range. So take advantage of it.

Every market phase requires different strategies. The time to buy and slowly DCA into your favourite alts is here imo. Just ride out the volatility and wait it out.

Crypto portfolio finally positive

Still remember this from the past.. the peak was like -80%?? Easily down low 5 figures, pain tbh.
Happy that I managed to trade my way up. Really wasn’t easy and had to take some losses here and there. But I do think that the lessons learnt were worth it.

There were many valuable lessons learnt from my trading journey tbh.

  1. Buy during fear and sell euphoria
  2. Learn TA (Extremely valuable skill)
  3. Learn to identify narrative and hidden gems (Gotta camp on CT for 2 years like me to be able to discern for yourself, no way around it only hardwork tbf)
  4. TAKE PROFITS (I always make it as an absolute rule to take 50% out when 2x unless long term hold where I will still take profits but close to ATH)
  5. Always have a plan and follow it strictly especially your exit targets, it’s easy to be caught up in euphoria hence a plan helps to keep your emotions in check.
  6. Stay curious as curiosity will always be your edge.

My journey so far..

  • Invested a small amount slowly in 2021 (July I think)
  • Slowly watched my PF 3-5x and thought that I was a genius!
  • Then got excited and invested a significant amount of money (for me)
  • Got rekted till -85% I think (During 2022)
  • Deposit $50 for trading and brought it up till $500
  • Lost it all in the FTX debacle
  • Deposited 100-200 again and slowly traded it.
  • Got lucky during the mini bull run alt in different chain (Sol, BSC, etc)
  • Rotated quickly and try to sniff out narratives and be early to it
  • Off-ramped 80% of portfolio, not willing to give it back.
  • Aiming to re-trade everything again from 20% of portfolio but with significant lesser downside

As I have said before, you have a small PF, leverage trading may not be for you. It is pret slow tbh and you have to really manage your risk well. Hence shitcoin trading will be the next best alternative imo. Have to go to the extreme end of the risk curve for those large multiples.. No other way around it imo.

This post is just solely for my reflection & hopefully y’all will be able to gain some insights from it. Just wanna say that it is POSSIBLE to recover your portfolio and this post is a good example of it, BUT it will require tremendous amount of effort.. You know where to reach me if you need resources. ATB anons!

Is money the root cause of all evil?

Now that I’ve graduated & have more time to meet some old friends. I’m truly astonished by some stories I have heard and also a few first hand experience I had.

There are soooo many young individuals living on borrowed money. Literally. Just slogging their asses off to pay off the interest. Whatever way you look at it, really isn’t wise. FYI some of these people have a background in finance or are bankers themselves.

Know of a few that gambled and lost 6 figures in one night. Unfortunately, turns out to be their parents life-long savings. Even know of one that attempted to persuade many individuals to borrow from their friends in order to secure liquidity for their own good. Selfish really.

When transitioning into having “adult” money. It really pays to be prudent and careful with your spending and save religiously. Additionally, it really is important to be EXTREMELY selective with who you are lending to, because it’s quite probable that you’re not getting it back. So if I’m taking on such a “risk” , I’m only doing it for my family members and a few selected close friends. No one else.

All these are just my raw thoughts, no filter. Protect yourself people. Don’t gamble or destroy your relationship for money. It’s not worth it.

Even Crypto or stocks is gambling imo. Call it what you want. But investing really is just a fancy name for gambling wisely. Everytime you dip your toes into something, you’re gambling on the fact that you believe this will be valued much higher in the future. It is still important to set aside savings out of your investment PF for rainy weathers.

Thanks for sticking to the end. Atb anons.

Bail out?

Same thoughts. Those that don’t manage their risk well should be taught a lesson by the market.

Repeated many times but risk management is key if you wanna survive in the game. Without it, you’ll get rekted sooner rather than later.

I suspect that there could be a contagion effect similar to what we saw during FTX debacle. Where other big names start to crack one by one.

I think we should all be thankful that these events are pretty unlikely in SG given the strict regulations and scrutiny under MAS.

Going back, I do think that companies that don’t manage their risk should be punished or many others will just follow suit. How many times can you save them? Eventually, resources will be exhausted. Vicious cycle.

And when the eventual crash comes, it’ll be far worse than expected. My take is don’t let it snowball. Recipe for disaster.. if one topples, let it be. Move on. Focus on the next logical step which is how can we prevent this from happening in the future.

SVB, Lehman brothers collapse etc. All these are the underlying reason for the birth of Bitcoin. Satoshi’s vision. Despite me being optimistic about blockchain technology. I don’t think that it’ll ever replace fiat imo.

Just my 2 cents.. I think it’s more likely that BTC remains as a speculative asset class. But eventually the volatility will reduce significantly. Something like the tradfi market where 5-10% moves are considered significant.

So take this opportunity to learn and capitalise on this volatility and inefficiency. I’m still learning to date & it’s a PVP market honestly. But eventually with a framework, things should get “easier” or rather you become more adaptable.

Learn during the bear and reap the rewards during bull. LFGGGG


So far, these are the boxes that have been ticked but I believe that more pain lies ahead. Despite these boxes being ticked, it could still get a lot worse imo.
Inflation really is the key driving force towards the collapse of many companies
Decreased spending power coupled with reduced salary = contraction
Hard to predict.. basically means the bottom. So during earlier parts of recession is where you start buying generally. Use TA to guide you.

Those that stuck around and learnt more during 2022 and 2023, will reap the benefits when the bull inevitably returns.

Marked this out since March 12. Been following the plan to accumulate.

When the blue box region comes for SPX, I’ll be emptying the clip. Whether or not we nuke further. Remains to be seen. But at that point of time, the rewards outweighs the risk. When and if it comes, it’s time to forget about risk and worry about capturing upside returns. (Those that read market cycles will find this familiar)

More pain ahead.. SVB, USDC depeg..

Key is to stay objective with your system and don’t deviate from it. I am looking for potential accumulation zones in the next 3-9 months if an opportunity presents itself. Like what I have mentioned previously, I am not bullish yet but I do think that the time to buy is really really close.

The time to be courageous and start buying is pret close imo. 3-6 months out maybe? But I think somewhere between mid-late this year would be a fantastic time to buy. I have a few alts in mind. Fundamentals aside, hype is important in this space. I do think that the alts that I plan to accumulate will eventually gain good traction. That’s my belief at least.

Except for those micro caps, I haven’t been putting on-ramping anything significant to buy big yet.

I know these news can be daunting. But I do think that this is necessary pain given how crazy things ran previously. SPX 2x from covid lows lolol. So when credit becomes tighter in the presence of sticky inflation. It’s gonna hurt of course. Many cracks will start to show. Who knows how many more black swans event will come?

The market is truly a fascinating place made up from so many different individuals with different response.

But continue to have skin in the game. Don’t give up. If you are still here with me reading this post. Know that this too shall pass. Eventually greed will return and your portfolio will start to show green if you keep buying at the lows. Then that is when you will remember this exact moment and start to plan your TP targets or exit targets.

2024-2025 prolly? Who knows. But good probability since BTC halving is around that period.

Those people that were screaming the bottom is in since the start of year, take note of it. Now you know who to avoid listening to. Be objective. Wash those out and only include those with valuable information in your circle.

I bought a significant bag of VOO at around 320 back in Nov-Dec I think. But I reckon that prices will eventually retract back to 320 and prolly 300. Buttttt, all these are just probabilities. May or may not happen. If it happens, I will load up significantly again & up my DCA amount too.

Before I end off: Just wanna say this, things may seem dark and depressing now. But really. Keep striving and looking forward. Keep DCAing into good stuff like e.g. VOO. Hard to go wrong really & you will have yourself to thank 2-3 years from now.

& Keep a significant amount of your networth off Crypto, as you never know what will happen next.. FTX, Luna and even your stables are not stable lolol. Only put in what you are willing to part to. Then those $$ that you are willing to part. Go degen on it. Explore different chains, meet like minded people. Interact with them and most importantly learn and enjoy the process.

If you want the multiples with a small capital then you HAVE to go to the other side of risk curve. On chain coins. No other way about it, but be prepared to write off this amount. Either moon or doom tbh.

Not trying to make you euphoric. But that’s where the 10-100x lies. I have seen it happen multiple times but didn’t make any efforts as it was too troublesome. This time I didnt make the same mistake and I managed to break-even whatever that I have lost previously. “Unrekted” lolol.

So I am back to the starting point after tremendous effort. It was not easy tbh but defo possible given the right market conditions. Which is clearly not now. Those that are interested in these alts, you know how to get to me. Not gonna shill it publicly or many would get rekted like how I did previously.

If you wanna stay safe. Go for BTC/ETH and VOO. The boomer play. DCA.. Very unlikely that you will fail. ATB.

Power of 3 (Trading)

Think that this power of 3 concept is pret interesting. Accumulation > manipulation and expansion. Really can be applied to any timeframe. But I think for max gains, this should be applied in a higher timeframe context.. (Takes a lot of patience tho)

Many coins are breaking out currently. Personally just following the trend/flow on alts. Nothing long term yet. Maybe just 2 (free ride for one as I have removed my capital, waiting for another free ride).

I think the power of 3 concept is really simple but a powerful tool that one can use. Accumulate during the manipulation phase. Invalidation will be if price drops below the lowest point during the manipulation and closes BELOW. Key word is close.

Really good strat for spot traders imo.
Would BTC ever revisit range lows again? I’m still leaning towards Yes. Eventually imo. Could be wrong but I’m really to flip anytime.
Good video on narrative trading and power of 3!

Made quite a fair bit so far from this “easy” mode market. Really thankful for it. Almost recovered all that I lost previously. So yeah, a really good start I must say. So much as luck had a role in it, I like to believe that my relentless efforts has helped me tremendously.

Send COTI next? 1.3 & I’m out. Leaving some funds in Binance for rotation sake.
This is why I try not to talk to micro caps here as many including myself initially can’t stand the volatility. Large swings up and down can really screw you up, low cap rotation game really requires strong will.

Always question your thesis when playing with small caps, where is the current narrative? Do you think price will eventually recover? Is it just pure FUD & attention will eventually return? What is the catalyst? Any large influencers shilling it? What’s their history? Any PnD history?

Many many dynamic factors to consider that is too fluid. Many will get wrecked without a framework. (So did I in the beginning)..

Define your framework, stick with it and ride it out. If it works out, the returns can be really handsome. Extract out your capital and alil profits and rotate. Regardless of how bullish, you should always extract your capital. Capital protection is key. Ignore what others say about it. FOCUS ON PROTECTING YOUR DOWNSIDE!

Conclusion: Narratives, attention span and power of 3..

Classic “liquidity grab”

So this is a typical “liquidity grab” scenario as what traders like to call it. Basically means that many are shorting from this area with tight stop loss hence they get stopped out easily before the trade eventually moves into their predicted direction.

Painful but it is what it is. This is why it will always be easier to trade with spot compared to leverage. Precision is key when it comes to leverage. Esp on high leverage. Whereas, on spot things are more forgiving as price can retrace all it wants but if at the end of the day, the daily chart closes to your liking, you can always keep holding onto the trade.

The downside for this is limited gains compared to leverage. But don’t be fooled by influencers posting +200% for their trades, next thing you know they might just be putting in a dollar per trade to farm engagement lolol.

For many, (including myself) avoiding leverage and focusing on buying at major support levels and selling after each bounce would make sense. Pentoshi style to say the least.

Greed will eventually creep on you if not kept in check. Being objective is key. Have a plan and execute it. If ETH drops till $750, I’ll defo be buying some. Prolly selling on the bounce if it is decent and buy some lower again.

Don’t bother trying to time the bottom. You’ll never get it. Accumulation phase is key

Possible next bubble narrative

I think perhaps in mid-late 2023, AI narrative could possibly be the next bubble. All these are just speculations anyway. I can be very wrong. But I would love to capitalise on it if I’m right.

Look at APT & OP. Those that pump hard will be new shiny coins. Don’t be surprised how far it can go. Look at SOL or other metaverse coins. Crazy really.

I do think that AI narrative will have it’s time given how it is performing in current sentiments. Remember how AXS was outperforming? Before the likes of other metaverse coins catching up.

Anything with the metaverse tag on it all mooned in union. Genopets, Aurory, IMX and etc. Always be open to new ideas.

Remember how dumb metaverse sound before the narrative kicked in? I kinda feel the same way with AI now. Honestly, pretty dumb narrative imo. But I’m not gonna make the same mistake twice. This time I’ll be joining the hype.

There are many AI coins, e.g. Ocean, PHB, FET and etc. Keep these on your watchlist and deploy when the time is right. Buy the blood.

I’m gonna go with the degen approach. Either moon or doom. If it doom, I’ll just lose a small amount however if it moons, it will be crazy. So I’m willing to take the chance. The alt that I’ll be slowly adding into my portfolio is only at 1m mcap. A micro cap to put it simply. The chances of it rugging is really high. I don’t know if I’ll talk about it here. Let’s see..

Even tho I understand the “fundamentals” of the project and the potential hype behind this AI narrative. The chances of me winning, prolly close to 1-2%. So realistically, I’ll still be allocating a huge chunk to ETH when the time is right. Probabilistic thinking is crucial when it comes to investing.

The reason why I’m comfortable with allocating some to such a degen coin it’s because I know that even if this rugs, the majority of my allocation is into index (SP500 etc) funds. There’s no index fund in Crypto so buying into ETH is as good as that.

Always manage your risk first, before even thinking about risky investments. Focus on accumulating good assets and if you have spare change then sure throw some into degen investments.

This is the potential that I’m talking about hence I’m willing to take a punt.
Nice timing lolol

Only time will tell if I’m right or not. Only a very small allocation..

Early signs