Solana and FTX

Very interesting clip I must say. SBF thoroughly explains that end goal of FTT which is something that I like. I don’t think any other exchanges have tried integrating other currency or stocks on their platform, even Binance if I’m not mistaken. So, if FTT succeeds and manages to gain traction not only from Crypto enthusiast but regular tradfi folks too, imagine how wild it’ll be. The inflow of liquidity would be endless. (Ok, I’m exaggerating but this is defo bullish for FTT token as there are benefits for staking their tokens, gonna put a SS here so y’all can read through and digest)

So yeah, it’s hard not to be bullish on FTT. But I would not be accumulating at current levels. TA matters in Crypto, the market is very unforgiving to those that get in at wrong prices.

Moving onto Solana mobile phone, not sure how feasible it’ll be as the smartphone industry is so competitive with just a few big iconic brands competing against each other. Sure it’s a good way to attract normies into Crypto but it might not be able to gain traction. I mean logically, I would still choose iPhone over Solana phone anyday. But hey, who knows what may happen in the far future.

Still bullish on Aurory. LFG
Enjoy this short thread anons!

I would accumulate SOL if I’m not invested in $AURY tbh. I don’t like to have too much exposure into one ecosystem. Much rather spread it out. Having said that, this is a degen approach because SOL is more likely to survive compared to AURY, but if SOL moon x10 in the far future, imagine how far AURY can go. This is an asymmetrical bet imo. High R/R. Let’s see how it goes.

Hope that you’ve enjoyed this short summary. ATB anons!

Market structure

This is one of the most useful guide imo.

Good shorting opportunity
Good shorting opportunity

This is a really good guide, simple tbh. Find those with broken structure and more room for downside, then short it.

I like CRV/PYR’s chart, looks close to accumulation phase.

Feel like ETH still has room for downside, I don’t know how low it’s gonna drop, all I care about is how the structure looks. Could be 700-100, we shall see. R/R wise, ETH is the best when it enters a phase of accumulation. Very very likely it’ll eventually break through ATH and reach 5 figures in the far future.

The alts that you’re holding might x10-100 but it’s too difficult to pick out which one will really moon. They can remain dead like LTC. Hence R/R and probability wise, getting ETH is a no brainer.

My plan forward is just to slowly accumulate ETH, SP500 and SG REIT. That’s all, im gonna keep it simple. Still bullish on CRV and AURY, but the time to buy isn’t here yet. ETH is the way to go for now.. Oh yes and slowly hone my trading skills too.

13k BTC or Sub 500 ETH?

BTC does not look good now tbh, purely based on TA, eventually it’ll revisit 13k imo.. So, just focusing on short term shorts for now.

Highly possible imo, with SP500 cliff diving..

Tbh, 13k BTC and sub 500 ETH are a defo buy for me. I’ll pick ETH instead because it has more room to move compared to BTC. This is my first extreme Crypto winter, so I am still learning when it comes to surviving in a bear market. Although, my PF has taken a huge hit and it doesn’t feel good. Additionally, its only gonna get worst from here now. But, this shall not show me from learning.

Success will come eventually if I don’t stop learning, that’s what I believe. This bear market is a must to wash out all the crappy projects that don’t deserve their large mcap. Sad to see one of my fav proj $WILD going to goblin town and possibly never coming back. But it’s alright, learn from this and move on.

Right now, my goal is to wait for an accumulation period, then stack up on ETH, PYR (if the chart looks good), AURY and CRV. WILD’s chart looks horrible, so not looking at it atm. Priority is ETH for now.. it’s the easiest way to play. Eventually, it will go back to it’s ATH. Stack ETH sub 500 for a few years and ride it up!

This bear market is the best time to learn and be a better trader. 99% of the time people dont make it in Crypto or any other aspects it’s because they quit at the first sign of hardship. Accumulation takes time, be patient.


What a sick gameplay
So bullish on Aurory. Been building so much despite current market sentiments. Very strong backing and fundamentals imo. Just tried the gameplay and it was amazinggg.

Really hope that AURY finds a good accumulation zone eventually. I will be there to accumulate when the time comes.

Imo, this will eventually grow to be 9 figures mcap. Fundamentals not reflecting on price action currently. It is imperative to be objective regardless of how much you like a project.

If the price action does not show any signs of bottoming then I would not be investing, simple as that. Additionally, 26 may is when the locked staking pool which be “unlocked”, so I do expect selling pressure leading to end of May.

I am cautious for now. Show me the bottom and I will be scooping it up. If not, happy to wait. I don’t mind accumulating and waiting for 5 years tbh as long as I see an accumulation zone, I’ll be going in.

The chart will guide the next course of action, be objective as possible as you when it comes to Crypto. Don’t give up your money until you find a compelling reason to.

Trades (Short term)

Good R/R here on Avax. FOMC tomorrow, so far everything seems to be setting up for a short term bounce.

I’m hoping FTT bounce alil from here, so it’ll be a better R/R in terms of shorting. Lost 2 trades earlier today as I didn’t follow my rules and FOMO in. Bad bad move. That’s why you should always have SL in place.

Still working on patience and not FOMOing into trades. Easier said than done, but with enough practice and experience, it’ll eventually come I believe.

If AVAX closes like this, then I’ll add in more for a short term bounce.

Let’s see how this goes tomorrow! Hoping for a good bounce at least.

Hedged myself with TRX short. Slightly in profit so far. Avax isn’t looking strong at all lolol. Below 14.2 and I’m wrong.

Have a plan and follow it, something I’m still tryna learn.

BNB next imo, same structure as FTT, give it sometime.. give me $225 and I’ll enter a short.
Went with 205 instead of 225, sometimes price will never test the previous support. Then you gotta depend on MA.

I’ll add on to my BNB short, if it crosses 218.. slow and steady


What I’ve learnt from my time is to never fade how much Crypto can dump or pump. Its ok if you want to baghold because you’re reluctant to sell it for a loss and you’re convicted that this will eventually go to your desired prices. Trust me, I understand. The least you could do to protect yourself is to hedge. Hedge it with a short. Preserve your portfolio. Or DCA in slowly and steadily.

Took 75% out again, leaving 25% till 2.5

Is it also crucial to understand the state of the market that you’re in, risk on or risk off. Then position yourself accordingly. It pays to be educated here imo. It really does.

KCS is next imo.. or either FTT. Looking closing at this. Good R/R

Regardless of where prices go, it’ll eventually head down to where it first started. So $9 really isn’t unreasonable for KCS. But wait for a pump before entering a short. 2-3x leverage is more than enough, give yourself some room anons, don’t get liquidated. Max I’ve went was 5x, don’t really like it. 3x is the sweet spot for me.

Moving forward, this is where I’ll start to look to add eth, when I see this pattern. Prolly around 700-1100ish. That’s when I’ll go in. Prolly slowly DCA in. 1 ETH at a time.

It’s ok if I miss this while waiting, I’m already exposed enough with my ALTS. Focus is on SP500 until this happens. Hang tight anons. Necessary pain unfortunately..

Another potential short

PT thoughts


It’s easy to feel subpar when you’re a student, constantly questioning what you’re doing is right and whether your patient would truly benefit from your service.

Today is the day that I truly feel proud and competent. Was told that my work is truly appreciated as I was able to accurately diagnose and treat the underlying impairment.

It’s days like this that continues to motivate me to be a top notch physio in time to come. Whatever it takes, I’ll get there eventually.

Can’t wait to travel again, been such a long time, need something to look forward to

Be narrative driven (Trading)

Went in on the S/R flip, very ideal set up indeed on Ocean.

This tweet came in the right time, literally mooned after

NGL, I was pretty lucky here on this trade.. took 75% out. Letting 25% run. SL set in profit, so nothing to worry about really.

This could very well be next.. I’m positioned for this. Very tight SL 0.795.. good R/R imo. Let’s see if it goes according to plan.

Very tight PA, a huge move could be coming soon.. either down or up. Will update here again.

Always secure your profits, whenever you feel euphoric, take 75% out. Been successful with this approach so far.
Choppy AF lolol

When TRX moves, regardless of which side, it’ll be a crazy one. Maybe a positive CPI result would do the trick?

CPI: 8.6% lolol gg mate, better luck next time, I’m out

Went in too early on a LINK short and SOL long, lesson learnt: Never trade on CPI day

New rules
Clear rejection
I went in on a $NEAR short, this will eventually revisit $3.4 accordingly to set up/rules

S/R flip on Near.. this is the sad truth in Crypto.. Remember FOAN? Near’s relative strength was sick back then. Now it’s slipping through previous support level like butter.

On the other hand, grand daddy LINK’s looking good for a continuation, very very clean set up imo. Rarely do you get a chance to go both sides, so cherish it when you do.

Lost my OCEAN gains cause I didn’t follow my own personal rules. This time, I’m sticking to it. Let’s see how it goes. LINK LONG AND NEAR SHORT, LFGGGG.

Stopped out on LINK, fortunate to have shorted NEAR, gonna keep this short until 2.5. Eventually imo..

I’m looking closely at FTT, if it breaks $25 and retest 24 as underside resistance, it’s over imo.

Time in market


All about DCA-ing and taking fun/excitement out of the equation. Remove your emotions, focus on DCAing and you’ll be more profitable than many other traders that spends 25/7 staring at charts.

Placement is finally ending soon.. so near yet so far. Can finally see a dim light at the end of the tunnel. Short break and round 3 resumes.

Now we’re talking kek

My trading rules

Stopped out of KNC, fortunate to have hedged it with AVAX. Small win regardless. Longed SOL from 41 to 44 in the morning. Exited! This bear market rally has taught me to be ruthless when it comes to taking profits. I started small ($51 to be exact), now this amount is roughly 98, so I’m happy with my progress so far. This is just an experiment to test out my trading system.

WAVES setting up really nicely.. give it sometime. I’m long since 8.6ish.

TP: 9.8-10ish. Let’s see how it goes!