Random thoughts (1)

CBD area never fails to bring out random thoughts

Was just daydreaming about how I envision life to be after achieving financial freedom. Tbh, it doesn’t include luxury cars, huge houses and etc.

All I want is to be able to free myself and my loved ones from the vicious rat race cycle that many are trapped in.

I’ll prolly have the same lifestyle while working part time. Spend more time with my parents, future kids and wife. Occasionally, bringing my fam out for a good meal too.

For this to happen, I would need at least 7 figures invested in dividend stocks in the future. So, guess that I gotta grind harder. I’m not sure if I’ll achieve it in 20 years time. But the best thing I can do for myself now is to be a smarter investor.

Good podcast for anyone that’s interested!

Until then, let’s keep the grind going.

Concentration over diversification

Highly likely that FTM would tap the 90 cents zone, I’ll be betting hard in this zone. Not all in but close to it. I will make this my biggest holding for 2022 and let this narrative play out.

For those that didnt know, you can loan out your FTM on FTXpro for 10% per annual currently. So, dont let your FTM rot, put it to work and gain something outta it OR you could explore FTM eco. (Hint: FTM+TOMB)

Moving on, I have increased my monthly DCA amount into Vanguard SP500 (VOO). The price has been falling due to rising interest rates and fear. If the US market is negatively impacted, crypto will not be spared. But either way, this is the best time to be adding kek.

Dropping below the 21EMA is not a good sign. Look at the Covid crash in comparison to now. Quite similar eh? So panic sell or greedy buy at current levels? Think long term..
I will never deviate from my index fund tradfi play despite how invested I am in Crypto as it will always be my safe haven. For those that are looking to strike a balance between both. Sticking to long term index fund play (30 years and beyond) for tradfi would be an awesome play. Tradfi is a relatively efficient market, so it would never be as volatile as Crypto, which is why personally I feel that it is not worth the effort to look for gems. Spending so much time and dedication for a 20-30% gain really just isn’t worth it for me.

Tbh, my tradfi portfolio is still currently up a good 15% despite no effort. Not bragging a mere 15% return or anything. But just sharing my 2 cents. Regretted not getting into SP500 during the Covid crash so not gonna make the same mistake again.

Going back, deciding to make FTM into my biggest holding could be one of the riskiest play but I honestly think that it could do a Luna or Solana. Only time will tell..

Find those projects that are still building in this harsh environment and they will reward you eventually. Really wanna stake my WILD but the ETH gas fees… disgusting..

2022 will be the year where only the strongest metaverse survive, the bubble might have popped for now. But there will be another bubble that will be far crazier than the previous one.

This time round, I am learning to be patient and not rushing into trades and getting better entries. So either 90 cents or nothing for FTM.

Thanks for reading! All the best anons. Let’s get this.



For those that are interested in knowing more about what the CRV token can do and why it is highly sought after.

After reading this, you’ll understand why CRV supply is actually scarce and that a supply shock is gonna happen sooner or later.

For those that are thinking about DCAing more into your coins, since BTC has already broke down the key support level of 41k. The next level would 32-35k. That level will be the next key support level.

When BTC reaches that level, then it could be a good time to reaccumulate and lower down your average price for your alts.

If you’re in alts with good fundamentals, then sit tight and wait or DCA more. The latter would be a better option.

Remember when you thought to yourself that you’ll buy more when everyone is fearful and prices are cheap? That time is here.

This is the best time to start researching and diving more into the space. Find undervalued projects and don’t look back.

Don’t give up anons. We are in this together kek.

Fear and direction of BTC

The time that would determine the direction of the market may be round the corner, so either bull or bear. No one can predict where it will go regardless of the type of indicators that they use. But, as you can see from the chart, we are at the level of support. So generally the rule of thumb is to buy at support and sell at resistance.

So to put it simply, this is one of the best time to accumulate. Note the similarity between May 2021 and today. Many were saying that it’s gonna go down to 20k and were queuing to buy at 20k. But guess what, BTC bounced all the way from 29k to 68k. In hindsight, it was the best time to buy and all they needed to do was literally buy lol.

If you are uncomfortable to buy at these levels then just put whatever you’re comfortable with and slowly DCA if it dips lower. It’s really as simple as that. Let the whales fight it out with leveraged traders, all we can do is to wait for the right opportunity and ride on the momentum. (NFA)

BTC can definitely re-visit lower levels again and at that point of time, you will just repeat what you did and DCA in. Really that simple.. Eventually, the market will re-correct and bounce again. Give it sometime, netflix while waiting.

NGL, occasionally I’ll be afraid and I will ask myself “what if the dip DIPS even lower?”. But that’s out of my control. I did what I thought best at that point of time which was to buy at support. Thats all that matters. Then, I will look for the next support and repeat. Again and again and again.

Crypto is a perilous market that will continuously test your limits, those that survive and control their emotions will make it in the end.

I will accumulating both of these coins during these dips because of their solid fundamentals and the people behind shilling them. (FTM and CRV) I am happy with current AURY and WILD holdings, so I will leave it as it is for now.

48% of CRV are locked for years, supply shock will come sooner or later kek.
Never fade FTM.

I am together with you in this anons, my portfolio took a beating too. Stay strong and patient. We will be rewarded kek.

Platypus kek

EZ 5-10x for those that got in early, gxgx

Disclaimer: I’m not in this trade.

Platypus finance is on AVAX eco for those that didn’t know and it’s been going parabolic. 4x in one day if I’m not mistaken.

Don’t really know much about the protocol, if you’re interested then YouTube and Twitter would be a good avenue for you to explore.

Even tho you don’t understand the fundamentals of a protocol but if you are able to assess the hype and position yourself well. Things should go smooth for you.

For those that are interested on riding the momentum maybe you could take a look at XAVA. XAVA is a launchpad on AVAX and if you stake XAVA on their platform, you would be given an allocation of a token before it launches on any CEX/DEX at a fixed price. (Platypus was one of the token that was offered)

Broke out of the descending triangle, could possibly be heading towards $20 again (EZ 2x perhaps)

Honestly, if you’re lucky and have gotten into platypus finance IDO, you would’ve 10-15x your initial capital. Pret crazy if you ask me. Of course, there are many other IDOs that haven’t done as well. E.g. SOLchicks IDO that I got into awhile back, only 3x lol. So, IDO metagame is more of a calculated gamble based on hype alone. Star atlas did 7500x lol, $100 = $750k…

Decided that the IDO strategy isnt for me and spot trading and rotating quarterly based on narratives would be more ideal for me. So, choose your specialty wisely anons.

Hope that XAVA would be kind to you kek. I’m not going to enter XAVA as I’ve enough positions currently.

ATB anons!

FTM moon wen?

First time FTM is consolidating nicely slightly below the $3 region, this is a very strong signal and may indicate a further impulse towards $3.5 (Of course provided BTC gives the green light). But, I could be wrong and it may dip all the way down again (Always have a bearish outlook).
There is still room for the RSI to move up, again another good signal.

For FTM to continue moving up, the narrative that it is an undervalued eco-system has to remain intact and so far I feel that it is still undervalued despite it being close to $3.

TVL higher than MATIC however it is still smaller than MATIC in terms of mcap. Furthermore, it is also catching up to SOL and the mcap difference between FTM and SOL is huge LOL. So, plenty of room to grow.

Not trying to shill you into buying anything, just sharing my thoughts so that you could maybe DYOR and determine an ideal entry for yourself. My personal take is that FTM should be valued approximately around $8 to $10. Wen will that happen? No idea. But my TP target has not changed.

If you have been active on twitter, you will find that FTM is still being shilled excessively by prominent twitter influencers. So, until this dies off, I believe that FTM will still continue the uptrend. That’s the sad truth about Crypto, sometimes it does not matter if your holdings have good fundamentals or not. If it is being shilled excessively then price will continue to moon regardless. After shilling and getting enough people onboard, they will be unloading their bags on you. This is exactly why the rich will always get richer.

So, it is crucial for you to be able to discern if it is pure shill or not and react accordingly. Understanding how each protocol works would be a good start I reckon. A good example would be the metaverse bubble popping recently, literally almost everything is in the red zone after being shilled excessively. Prolly a few rugged too.

How you can be better at discerning

  1. Be active on twitter
  2. Youtube or read each protocol to understand better
  3. Ask yourself, who are the investors in the project
  4. Are the developers credible?

Thats prolly all that I have for now, ATB anons.

Alts and BTC decoupling?

Many believe that alt coins will decouple from BTC eventually which means that the price action of BTC does not affect other crypto assets anymore. In fact, many believe that the decoupling is happening now and choose to ignore the price action of BTC.

To be frank, I believe that this is inevitable in the far future however as of now, like it or not, the price action of BTC still affects all alt coins. Therefore, it is imperative to take into account BTC and the alt coins that you are investing in.

BTC is the king that will determine the entire crypto environment, if it is bearish, alts coins will follow too. Regardless of the narrative in place be it metaverse, L1 or defi. As long as BTC does not provide an ideal environment then alt coins will not be spared too. Simple as that.

For crypto to succeed as a whole, the narrative that BTC can be an inflation hedge has to be intact. The recent inflation report has been pretty neutral hence the crypto market is currently experiencing a short-term relief rally. But don’t be fooled into thinking that this will send BTC straight up to 100k (be realistic anons), even if the rally goes all the way up to 50-60kish, the whole market can still be considered bearish if BTC makes a lower high. So a good way to protect yourself, is to be ready to de-risk and take profits when BTC is approaching 60k, especially on your alts.

Moving on, just wanna share some good calls that has been shared here.

  1. $ROSE > new ATH recently! Beautiful indeed.
  2. $FTM > $3.11 currently, 50-60% up currently
  3. $CRV > made a new ATH recently and making a comeback currently
  4. $NEAR > new ATH too

Currently holding onto CRV and FTM, hopefully it will hit my valuations kek.

Of course, there are losers in my portfolio as well. Which includes $WILD and $AURY but I have mentioned that I strongly believe in these 2 projects and that their time to flourish will come sooner rather than later, just gotta be patient.

To succeed in Crypto, you have gotta be quick and patient, be it in taking profits or rotating. So set a realistic target, wait for a narrative to run it’s course, exit. Repeat. Hardest part is always sitting on your hands and doing nothing. Trading is never easy, 95% lose because they ain’t patient or quick enough. So, in order to succeed, you have to be different (Still learning).

Rambled way too much, thanks for reading, gotta start to be more disciplined with my studying schedule or I wouldn’t be ready for placements.

ATB anons!

BTC nuked

BTC had a beautiful nuke to 39k to wipe all the leveraged traders. Honestly, time and time again, traders trading on high leverage will always be punished. You may be lucky once, but how many times can you be lucky for?

Honestly, this is why I stopped leveraged trading and focus on narratives instead as it’s alot less stressful because liquidation is out of the question and I can always choose to DCA in lower if I want. Anyway, this nuke to 39k filled in my CRV bid at 3.99 kek. Beautiful.

Moving forward, I suspect that this will go up to 45-46k. Will re-evaluate again if it hits 45k. This relief rally may give some breathing space for certain alts to moon alittle.

This is the year where you should really re-evaluate all your metaverse/gaming coins, because many would be released this year. Actually, now would be a good time to follow these projects closely to see if they are still actively working on the project during this bearish cycle. Many devs abandon their projects during these periods, however those that survive will make you life-changing gains, so choose wisely anons.

Made a wise guess that WILD would be heading to $2.2 and PYR would be heading to $10. Don’t have enough capital for them currently tho. Saving the last for FTM, either 1.6 or nothing. I refuse to average up lol.

Even though BTC may go below 40k and head down to 30k and my losses may be more magnified, it is worth the risk due to the risk-reward ratio at this current point. Additionally, I made it a point to not let short-term price movements sway my decision. Whenever I feel alittle swayed, I would just go back and re-evaluate the project again to rebuild the confidence and just keep repeating the cycle until it does not make sense anymore.

Moving on, Samsung recently invested into MANA, which is pretty big if you ask me. This is my end-vision for WILD, a metaverse so intriguing that big companies would fight to be part of it. I could be wrong of course but only time will tell. Despite having this vision, it is still important to keep myself grounded and take profits when it reaches my valuations.

My vision for Aurory would be a game that would be as hyped up as Pokemon in 2000s and I am currently staking so price fluctuations doesn’t really bother me. Long long term HODL for me.

Brings back memories eh

Most important takeaways from this

  1. Re-evaluate your projects time to time.
  2. Avoid leveraged trading, once liquidated, no chance for redemption.

Stay strong and convicted during this period and you will be rewarded. ATB anons!

Stink bids

Set some stink bids for $CRV (Curve) at $4. Hope that it gets filled kek. Moving forward, I’m gonna allocate slightly more every month to S&P 500 to “derisk” alittle.

I refuse to get $FTM at current prices. My current aim is 1.6-1.8. That is where I’ll be looking to accumulate more. Running super low on ammo. Need to be smarter with my entries.

41k is crucial level for BTC to hold. If it doesn’t hold this level then it’ll be a repeat of May 2021.

Of course, one could argue that this is a dangerous level to accumulate because you never know if it’ll fall lower. Then my answer to that is do you know how low it’s gonna go? Precisely, in hindsight anyone is a genius.

Look forward, ask yourself if you buy at the current level R/R wise, would it be the most optimal? I would say yes, if BTC reclaims and bounces back to 60k, imagine the upside for all of your alts, pretty parabolic I would say.

Compare it to when buying at 60k, the upside is pretty limited and downside ALOT more.

I know I sound like a broken record but if you don’t slowly DCA in at current level then don’t bother buying again at the top.

DYOR pls

Moving forward, it’ll be a slow grind down before going up again. Not gonna be easy mode anymore. Gotta pick your choice carefully.

CRV stink bid filled kek

Technical analysis


One of the best videos I have found regarding technical analysis. This has really helped to provide me a better structure when it comes TA.

What I have learnt

  1. Keep it simple, use trendlines & RSI
  2. Spot support and resistance
  3. Flips S/R > position yourself in
  4. OR you could keep DCAing > if you believe that the project is undervalued

Few examples

Long wick and good re-test at this level (red arrow), there is a good chance we could see $3.
Flip S/R on 0.42 and then price discovery to who knows where. But I am guessing perhaps 0.6?
PYR not looking too good and looks like its going down to $10 > but then again this has good fundamentals and this could be a good buying opportunity for you!
Exactly the same as PYR for Wild, looks to be heading towards $2.2, 3.4 support seemed to have flipped to resistance. I might consider adding more if this falls to $2.2 tho kek

Then again, technical analysis just forms a small part of the story. It is crucial to find out the catalyst behind the pump/dump. E.g. the reason why CRO pumped so much initially was prolly due to the newly launched eco-system with a shitload of opportunities for degen farming (VVS, MMF and etc) hence many flocked to the new eco-system. So usually for farming, you could pair your CRO token with another pair, provide liquidity to the platform and earn the platform token. This creates high buying pressure for CRO and additionally the gas fees in the CRO ecosystem was also paid in CRO which again created more buying pressure. Which was reflected as a huge pump on the chart.

The APY/APR on some of the Cronos’s eco platform was seriously disgusting, I am talking about millions of % LOL. Went in VVS and managed to x4 but didnt time my exit too well and only exited at 2x? Greed took over me lol.

But what happens after the APY/APR diminish? People start to leave which is reflected on the chart and prices dipped from 0.9 to 0.5 which was a 40-50% correction I assume.

Find out a potential catalyst that could initiate a pump, assess the hype and position yourself accordingly. You don’t have to always time it right, but if you could do it 50% of the time, you will be pretty profitable.