Bear market thoughts (Alt capitulation)

Felt that I could have stuck to my plans better (much better in fact), was absorbed by fundamentals over price action but should’ve of used TA better to determine when to exit and when to take a loss.

I did well at cutting losses initially (around late 2021). Retrospectively, it could be due to lack of conviction on the coins that I was holding onto.

Hence I decided to build unfazed conviction on the projects that I’m investing. Decided to determine entry through major support levels, not a bad move tbh. But at the end of the day, when those major support levels are broken. Maybe it is time to exit. Also gonna learn to be more patient and wait for an accumulation zone before adding.

Perhaps I could’ve been more objective and not be blinded (I still am tbh lolol). But it is what it is. Rekted tbh. But, I’m gonna stay in this space regardless of what happens.

A few major lessons for me personally

1. Wait for an accumulation zone

2. Know when to cut losses

3. Build conviction smartly and not blindly

4. Investing in a good projects is awesome! But only invest at the right time and not during peak euphoria. (Could’ve done much better with this)

Moving forward, I still believe in the tokens that I’m investing in. Thesis has not changed. I still believe that Gamefi will have it’s time, still believe that CRV is undervalued and that FTM devs will create more protocols to induce sticky liquidity.

Despite no changes in thesis, my entry could’ve been much better. But hey, who could’ve known? Gotta learn to move on and not be harsh on yourself. But I’m glad that I managed my downside pretty well by investing in other assets too. Just received my dividends from my Reits investment. Used that to treat myself to a good meal (Kunafe again tehe).

Hopefully, a few years down when I read this post, I would be in a very different position compared to now (Life changing money kek). But for now, I’m gonna take it step by step and focus on things that really matters. Until then, keep pushing anons, the end might be close.

Health is wealth

Never really understood this until recently. Been a tough tough transition from school to actual real work where everything is so dynamic and requires you to always be on your feet.

This experience has really humbled me and I’ve learnt to slowly let go of my previous mindset where gains, money and multiples is all that matters.

Crypto has really clouded my end vision. The essence of “financial freedom” is actually embedded within it.. freedom.

Freedom to do anything you want, to spend more time with your loved ones, to be able to pamper and take care of your loved ones. Material gains has never been a part of this journey.

Despite making good gains previously from Crypto, it is unfortunate to say that I am currently underwater because I didn’t follow my plan strictly.

But I would like to say that this experience has really taught me many valuable lessons. Every negative experience is a positive experience if you decide to look at it from other angle.

It’s alright to make mistakes as long as you learn from it. Looking back, getting deep into Crypto and starting out this space is one of the best decisions that I have made.

I was lost when I was starting out in Crypto as the learning curve was extremely steep. It was so difficult to source for help alone in this space where everyone is out to scam your hard earned money.

I recall an incident where I was asking for advice on where I could do more research regarding micro cap coins and if he/she could redirect me somewhere. I’ll always remember the reply that I got “Portfolio suggestions are only for VIP members”. It would cost 500 USD per month to join.

Despite many rugpulls from his/her potential alt list, many are still joining all because they want a better life. I mean how can one use this to their advantage?

After this incident, I thought to myself, screw it. I’m gonna be so good that I don’t need to rely on anyone but myself. So I started researching hours and hours and hours just to be better. I have read so much threads/articles and etc just to be alittle more knowledgeable.

FA/TA really isn’t the easiest topic to learn and it is a process of constant learning. But if you put in enough effort, you’ll be decent at it.

So for anyone that doesn’t have much and certainly can’t afford to pay 500 USD for “suggestions”. You can always drop me an email or something. If it’s within my means or if I can redirect you somewhere, I’ll def do it.

Crypto can be a lonely journey, that’s why it is crucial to find a community. Stick together through good and bad times.

The good thing that came out from that influencer experience was that I decided to share more here so y’all can learn something hopefully and this too includes my mistakes.

Wanna take this opportunity to thank y’all for taking your time to visit this small space of mine. Really appreciate all the nice messages from y’all!


Been such a busy 2 weeks. Juggling research project, studying and crypto hasn’t been easy. Glad that a small hurdle was cleared today, gotta go hard on my revision before hospital placements.

Kinda sad that your finances are pretty restricted as a student, so gotta really make every single cent count.

Increased my monthly DCA for VOO at the expense of 2801. Had to tilt the see-saw alil because I would love to have more exposure to battle tested tradfi assets in the long run to neutralise the risk in Crypto.

Moving on, found out about LQDR, got me really interested. I would’ve invested in it if I found out about it before I invested into CRV. Similar concept to CRV just with a much lower mcap.

LQDR’s at 28m while CRV is at 1-2b mcap. So yeah, more than 10x away. Additionally, you can stake/lock your LDQR at 100% APY. But NFA and this is a high risk play. But given my small capital, I should have taken the risker play. Oh well, cope alil and see if I can exit CRV in a good position before going into LQDR.

Only a matter of time before CRV goes back to $5-6 so until then, I’ll remain staked. Gotta stick true to my rule of only 3-5 coins so I can focus on concentration.


Random thoughts (1)

CBD area never fails to bring out random thoughts

Was just daydreaming about how I envision life to be after achieving financial freedom. Tbh, it doesn’t include luxury cars, huge houses and etc.

All I want is to be able to free myself and my loved ones from the vicious rat race cycle that many are trapped in.

I’ll prolly have the same lifestyle while working part time. Spend more time with my parents, future kids and wife. Occasionally, bringing my fam out for a good meal too.

For this to happen, I would need at least 7 figures invested in dividend stocks in the future. So, guess that I gotta grind harder. I’m not sure if I’ll achieve it in 20 years time. But the best thing I can do for myself now is to be a smarter investor.

Good podcast for anyone that’s interested!

Until then, let’s keep the grind going.


Met a few friends that other day that have graduated and are on the way to becoming full fledged physios. Honestly, feels nice to meet friends that you haven’t seen in such a long time. They have always been there for me during difficult times especially in school. When I was lost and don’t know what to expect for practical exams, they would always be there to guide me and reassure me that it will be okay.

I guess this is why I struggled alot during Y3 as now I had to find my own ground and learn to be independent as they aren’t there to spoon-feed and mollycoddle us anymore. So, I didn’t know what to expect anymore especially for practical exams where the variations are endless. But, I am so glad that this part is finally over and another tough part is coming soon.

As they were sharing their experiences at work and during placements, I realized how much I don’t know and how much I needed to know in order to be competent. Makes me wonder if I will ever be a competent physio in the future.

This is one question that really caught me by surprise.

A: So what would you do when the primary physio problem is impaired ventilation?

Me: Deep breathing to enhance ventilation?

A: So what afterwards? You gonna continue doing that?

Me: I guess so? “Classic noob”

A: Laughed, told me that the underlying issue for impaired ventilation is usually poor endurance, fix that and the rest will follow hence we should always try our best to ambulate as much as possible.

I WAS ENLIGHTENED, this goes to show how important clinical reasoning is. If you don’t fix the underlying problem, the vicious cycle will keep repeating itself.

Moving on, one of them shared with me that, the line of work as a physio is extremely tough and it will requires alot of willpower. But, despite this, he always end the day with a big smile on his face and feel proud to be in this line of work.

Man, this really touched my heart and I can’t help but wonder if I will be as passionate as him when my time comes. Only time will tell..

2021 Reflection

2021 has been a year full of ups and downs, be it in school or crypto, gonna do a short reflection so that I can look back at the end of 2022 and see how far I have came.


  • I have always thought to myself, how sick it’ll be to actually be in Y3 where you are finished with most of the studying part. The only thing that stands between you and being a physio is actually just clinical placements and thesis, but now that I am in that position, it actually feels alittle different from how I thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful that I have made it this far and managed to maintain a pretty decent grade throughout my 3 years.
  • However, I am actually afraid of clinical placements because now you are actually responsible for someone. One mistake and someone’s life may be permanently affected. But as a student, you are bound to make mistakes but the mistake cannot be so severe that it compromises the safety of a patient.
  • I am not the most detailed-oriented and careful person, so this is something I would like to work on and also to be able to stay composed during stressful situations.
  • Goal > Maintain my grades and go into placement with a good/clear mind so that I can absorb everything like a sponge.

Personal life

  • Spend more time with family and loved ones
  • Save enough money for marriage and future
  • Hopefully, I will do well in Crypto for 2022 and be able to bring my loved ones out for a good meal using my gains


  • Increase my exposure to China and US market through 2801 and SP500, I will aim to put enough money in so that it will last me until 2023. (FSMone allows you to DCA on a monthly basis) > Need to be more disciplined with this and not put more into Crypto for now, SP500 especially has been going up consistently at a rate of 10% yearly and I believe that it will continue to do. So, I would like to build up my exposure to “safer” investment so that I can take more risk with Crypto.
  • 7 to 10x my Crypto portfolio and bring it up to 5 figures

Gonna leave this here and see if I have achieved most of it at the end of the 2022. Happy new year to all of the readers here! May 2022 be kind to all of us!