100k before 30

The SS above has been one of the most interesting stories that I’ve read on Reddit. A combination of luck, intelligence and guts and really set someone up really nicely.

A common goal for many individuals including myself would be to reach 100k at the age of 30. But for you to achieve it, you would need to invest at least 1.5k per month with a 5% return per year and you should be able to reach this goal in 5-6 years.

Theoretically possible, but taking into account other big expenses such as wedding, getting a flat, car and etc. This goal may not be as simple as it is. It’s always simple in theory but never easy to execute. Which is why having a plan is imperative.

Furthermore, expecting a fixed 5% return per year on your investment can be too idealistic as you must remember that stocks be it VOO or other investment vehicles fluctuates. So there will be years where you are up 30% or down 30%. Hence the price you pay for your assets MATTERS regardless of the fundamentals and past performance. Doesn’t make sense to buy an expensive asset regardless of how life-changing it is.

Adulting can be daunting and scary esp when you meet up with your other peers who are doing much better than you. Making mental comparison can be inevitable. Having said that, key is to focus on your own journey and keep going at it.

I agree with this. But this is a highly risky strategy esp when you apply this to micro-caps. So DYOR.

Going forward, I am bullish in AI related crypto or stocks. I do think that this narrative has legs and will go far. So, I’m gonna position myself for it. Going for the highest ROI for this.

I do think that reaching 100k at the age of 30 is completely possible but it takes a tremendous amount of work and sacrifice. Esp those that are planning to get married and get a house etc.

The presence of such immense financial stress has led many to sought for alternative investments such as Crypto or even get rich quick schemes. Unfortunately, many scammers prey on this intense desire to “make it” only to benefit their own pockets. The list goes on, so it really pays to be financially literate.

I guess that’s all I have for today. Will look back at this in a few years time and see if I’ve managed to hit my goal!

Is money the root cause of all evil?

Now that I’ve graduated & have more time to meet some old friends. I’m truly astonished by some stories I have heard and also a few first hand experience I had.

There are soooo many young individuals living on borrowed money. Literally. Just slogging their asses off to pay off the interest. Whatever way you look at it, really isn’t wise. FYI some of these people have a background in finance or are bankers themselves.

Know of a few that gambled and lost 6 figures in one night. Unfortunately, turns out to be their parents life-long savings. Even know of one that attempted to persuade many individuals to borrow from their friends in order to secure liquidity for their own good. Selfish really.

When transitioning into having “adult” money. It really pays to be prudent and careful with your spending and save religiously. Additionally, it really is important to be EXTREMELY selective with who you are lending to, because it’s quite probable that you’re not getting it back. So if I’m taking on such a “risk” , I’m only doing it for my family members and a few selected close friends. No one else.

All these are just my raw thoughts, no filter. Protect yourself people. Don’t gamble or destroy your relationship for money. It’s not worth it.

Even Crypto or stocks is gambling imo. Call it what you want. But investing really is just a fancy name for gambling wisely. Everytime you dip your toes into something, you’re gambling on the fact that you believe this will be valued much higher in the future. It is still important to set aside savings out of your investment PF for rainy weathers.

Thanks for sticking to the end. Atb anons.

2022 reflections & 2023 goals

Looking back this year, there were defo good (school) and bad things (crypto and stocks) that has took place this year. Gonna slowly run through it all.

1. Got wrecked by Crypto, did fairly decent in tradfi. Tried to apply the same DCA strategy on Crypto and it didn’t work well. Moral of the story: DCA prolly works better in stocks because you’ve more time to think and react. But it is also much slower and more boring. Harder to get wreck on an index fund tbh compared to shit coins lolol.

2. Didn’t manage my risk well in Crypto. Allocated too much to Ponzi scams. When really I should’ve looked at possible levels to accumulate ETH.

3. Too impulsive and let my emotions took over in crypto. I was not logical enough. Felt that I have improved as I am alil more knowledgeable but still loads of room for improvement.

4. Did well with SG stocks and SP500 so far, will be looking to accumlate more SP500 at lower prices come 2023

5. In terms of school, defo am glad that one of the hardest part (clinicals) is done and dusted. Focusing on the last run. Happy with how I maintained my grades so far too.

6. Relationship wise, would like to improve it with my close friends and loved ones. Been neglecting them alil because I was busy with school, reading and also trading.

2023 goals

– Be good at my craft as a physio, would like to specialise in MSK (Maintain my current GPA too)

– Build better relationship with loved ones

– Be more calm and logical when it comes to investing

– Be better at trading (Might do another challenge $20 to $200 perhaps)

– Accumulate prolly double digits worth of ETH and channel 80% of PF into SP500

Will look back to see if I have achieved any of it

Predictions for stocks/Crypto in 2023

– I believe that BTC will start its bottoming process and range between 9-13k (could be wrong)

– I believe that ETH will eventually trade between 300-600ish and range there.

– I think WOO will be one of top CEX maybe in late 2023

– Think SOL will make a comeback imo.. despite all the FUD. Will be looking closely at its ecosystem with good tokenomics.

– Think PYR has a good chance to reach 3 figures

Moving on to stocks

– Think SPX would reach 3200 eventually & I’ll be buyer there. Confluent with a few technicals analysis that I believe in.

– With China opening up, 2801 looks pretty decent, think it could range around 17-22ish

– REITS ETF (Nikko), think that it will continue to stay beaten down if interest rates continues to be high. Hard to be bullish here. Until I see a reclaim of $1. If not it does look like it’s going lower. Regardless I’ll be a buyer.

– STI ETF: This is one resilient tank LOL, honestly I’m surprised. Eventually I will divert my gains back in here and also into REITS. Will assess which is more attractive in the far future.

Will look back at this prolly June 2023 and Dec 2023 again. Happy new year anons!! 🎊🎉

Different pathway

Had a interesting discussion with a few of working friends. Many of them are working in either bank or insurance. Easily investing 5 figures on either stocks or luxury watches. Making good profits of it.

Then there you’re slogging after your studies without any income. The price you pay for going after a degree I guess. To top it all off, despite everything that you have done, your dream salary still remains far.

It’s easy to feel inferior especially when you’re comparing with yourself to your fellow working peers. Guess that this is where the Crypto casino comes into play, where you dream of making x1000 and end up getting rugged instead because of poor risk management.

I even know of this chad that makes high 4 figures every month from flipping luxury watches. I was just reflecting the other day on why am I not where I want to be financially?

Is it really due to no-income student life, lack of grind, market conditions or knowledge disparity?

I would say that the most important contributing factor here seems to be knowledge disparity.. Note that the chad that I mentioned making good profits off luxury watches is only 22 yo LOL.

So, it’s hard to blame it all on no-income student life or lack of grind (because I grind hard). Another reason would definitely be the current bear market rugging everyone including me. I was just fortunate that I stuck to my strict rules when it comes to dividing my portfolio and keeping majority of my position in cash and only deploying in times where asymmetrical bet lies.

But as I have mentioned before the time to deploy (at least on SP500) is now. Might be early, but you can always buy more on the way down. No big deal.

Despite having spent so much time on twitter, understanding market sentiments and how to position myself. I failed to identify a possible impending bear market early. I missed out on wonderful shorting opportunities.

Even tho, yes it is difficult to predict where the market would go. But there are TAs, fundamental news and etc to at least dictate the probability of up or downtrending market.

This is just a deep and harsh reflection for myself. So, in the future I would look back at this, identify the laps in my thought process and the difference in the far future.

Comparing to 2021, I am defo much more knowledgeable but this is not enough. I will be better and this will eventually reflect on my portfolio.

– Indecisive monthly candle at the top of the range should have been a clear indicator that market is changing to a risk-off environment.

Bear market thoughts (Alt capitulation)

Felt that I could have stuck to my plans better (much better in fact), was absorbed by fundamentals over price action but should’ve of used TA better to determine when to exit and when to take a loss.

I did well at cutting losses initially (around late 2021). Retrospectively, it could be due to lack of conviction on the coins that I was holding onto.

Hence I decided to build unfazed conviction on the projects that I’m investing. Decided to determine entry through major support levels, not a bad move tbh. But at the end of the day, when those major support levels are broken. Maybe it is time to exit. Also gonna learn to be more patient and wait for an accumulation zone before adding.

Perhaps I could’ve been more objective and not be blinded (I still am tbh lolol). But it is what it is. Rekted tbh. But, I’m gonna stay in this space regardless of what happens.

A few major lessons for me personally

1. Wait for an accumulation zone

2. Know when to cut losses

3. Build conviction smartly and not blindly

4. Investing in a good projects is awesome! But only invest at the right time and not during peak euphoria. (Could’ve done much better with this)

Moving forward, I still believe in the tokens that I’m investing in. Thesis has not changed. I still believe that Gamefi will have it’s time, still believe that CRV is undervalued and that FTM devs will create more protocols to induce sticky liquidity.

Despite no changes in thesis, my entry could’ve been much better. But hey, who could’ve known? Gotta learn to move on and not be harsh on yourself. But I’m glad that I managed my downside pretty well by investing in other assets too. Just received my dividends from my Reits investment. Used that to treat myself to a good meal (Kunafe again tehe).

Hopefully, a few years down when I read this post, I would be in a very different position compared to now (Life changing money kek). But for now, I’m gonna take it step by step and focus on things that really matters. Until then, keep pushing anons, the end might be close.

Health is wealth

Never really understood this until recently. Been a tough tough transition from school to actual real work where everything is so dynamic and requires you to always be on your feet.

This experience has really humbled me and I’ve learnt to slowly let go of my previous mindset where gains, money and multiples is all that matters.

Crypto has really clouded my end vision. The essence of “financial freedom” is actually embedded within it.. freedom.

Freedom to do anything you want, to spend more time with your loved ones, to be able to pamper and take care of your loved ones. Material gains has never been a part of this journey.

Despite making good gains previously from Crypto, it is unfortunate to say that I am currently underwater because I didn’t follow my plan strictly.

But I would like to say that this experience has really taught me many valuable lessons. Every negative experience is a positive experience if you decide to look at it from other angle.

It’s alright to make mistakes as long as you learn from it. Looking back, getting deep into Crypto and starting out this space is one of the best decisions that I have made.

I was lost when I was starting out in Crypto as the learning curve was extremely steep. It was so difficult to source for help alone in this space where everyone is out to scam your hard earned money.

I recall an incident where I was asking for advice on where I could do more research regarding micro cap coins and if he/she could redirect me somewhere. I’ll always remember the reply that I got “Portfolio suggestions are only for VIP members”. It would cost 500 USD per month to join.

Despite many rugpulls from his/her potential alt list, many are still joining all because they want a better life. I mean how can one use this to their advantage?

After this incident, I thought to myself, screw it. I’m gonna be so good that I don’t need to rely on anyone but myself. So I started researching hours and hours and hours just to be better. I have read so much threads/articles and etc just to be alittle more knowledgeable.

FA/TA really isn’t the easiest topic to learn and it is a process of constant learning. But if you put in enough effort, you’ll be decent at it.

So for anyone that doesn’t have much and certainly can’t afford to pay 500 USD for “suggestions”. You can always drop me an email or something. If it’s within my means or if I can redirect you somewhere, I’ll def do it.

Crypto can be a lonely journey, that’s why it is crucial to find a community. Stick together through good and bad times.

The good thing that came out from that influencer experience was that I decided to share more here so y’all can learn something hopefully and this too includes my mistakes.

Wanna take this opportunity to thank y’all for taking your time to visit this small space of mine. Really appreciate all the nice messages from y’all!