What alts would I be accumulating soon?

Transitioned from being a stubborn “bull” to reluctant bear. But I think that many alts are entering into early stages of accumulation.

To my own surprise, the alts that I’ll be accumulating wouldn’t be adding onto my long term bags. I’ll be holding them. Believe that you know what I’m in.

Throughout early 2023 > 2024, I’ll prolly only accumulate 1 alt. Either $PYR or $SOL.

Think the 2 links above summarises things better than I would. Personally, I lean more towards $SOL, I was reluctant to buy SOL initially due to its high mcap and also I rode it from 100ish to 240ish. So I’m happy with that.

But seeing how they have been progressing in the bear markets makes it hard to neglect their progress.. sure they have their own set of issues, e.g. centralised network, breaking down, yada yada yada. At the end of day, ask yourself.. are there any other projects pushing as hard as them? Coming up with marketing gimmicks (SOL phone) just to make Crypto more accessible for non-crypto folks.

I think that it is only a matter of time before they return their all time high. Given their NFT traction and the top class devs building on their blockchain. (Aurory, Genopets and etc)

Moving to $PYR, another L1 riding on the metaverse hype. Tbh, $PYR has a HUGE potential to grow given that it’s only at 80-90m.. if this takes off, it can easily be the next 50-60x tbh.

So in terms of R/R, $PYR stands out. However in terms of adoption, $SOL still stands first.

In terms of accessibility, it’s much easier and accessible to get $SOL instead of $PYR. If y’all have a Gemini account, you can start to accumulate $SOL there. Honestly, easy work. Just wire money in and repeat your weekly/monthly DCA when the time comes.

Whereas for $PYR, you’ve to transfer funds to Binance or Kucoin for you to be able to buy it. Quite a lot of work but worth it for a 10-50x imo.

Honestly if you would like something with higher probability then betting on $SOL would be a smart choice. If you want higher return but lower probability then go for $PYR.

In terms of returns, $PYR (10-50x imo), $SOL (5-10x)

Tough choice but leaning more towards $SOL at this point of time all because of their devs activity and traction. Tbh, 5-10x tho seems “pathetic” in Crypto sense, it’s still an extremely good return. Put 5k and you’ll get 25k. Then take out 90%, and put into something safer like REITS, you’ll receiving a decent alternative income for the rest of your life.. (That’s if they continue giving their dividends), so do check their track records too.

Don’t aim for moonshots all the time, aim for something with higher probability but lower returns then repeat the whole process.

And for you to make the best out of $SOL, you must bet big. I would say at least high 4 figures or low 5 figures if possible..

Atb anons

Back on $FTM

Nice looking BTC chart. I’m in since 0.38ish and I’ll be adding if the market is kind enough to give me 0.37 😉

Half size, LFG

This is just a catch up trade, nothing else. I do think that alt L1s will be next to run. Could be wrong. But I’m willing to give it a go. Will cut if invalidated.


Solana and FTX

Very interesting clip I must say. SBF thoroughly explains that end goal of FTT which is something that I like. I don’t think any other exchanges have tried integrating other currency or stocks on their platform, even Binance if I’m not mistaken. So, if FTT succeeds and manages to gain traction not only from Crypto enthusiast but regular tradfi folks too, imagine how wild it’ll be. The inflow of liquidity would be endless. (Ok, I’m exaggerating but this is defo bullish for FTT token as there are benefits for staking their tokens, gonna put a SS here so y’all can read through and digest)

So yeah, it’s hard not to be bullish on FTT. But I would not be accumulating at current levels. TA matters in Crypto, the market is very unforgiving to those that get in at wrong prices.

Moving onto Solana mobile phone, not sure how feasible it’ll be as the smartphone industry is so competitive with just a few big iconic brands competing against each other. Sure it’s a good way to attract normies into Crypto but it might not be able to gain traction. I mean logically, I would still choose iPhone over Solana phone anyday. But hey, who knows what may happen in the far future.

Still bullish on Aurory. LFG
Enjoy this short thread anons!

I would accumulate SOL if I’m not invested in $AURY tbh. I don’t like to have too much exposure into one ecosystem. Much rather spread it out. Having said that, this is a degen approach because SOL is more likely to survive compared to AURY, but if SOL moon x10 in the far future, imagine how far AURY can go. This is an asymmetrical bet imo. High R/R. Let’s see how it goes.

Hope that you’ve enjoyed this short summary. ATB anons!

FTM update

Sold half of my FTM at a loss. Been questioning my thesis recently a lot recently. I just don’t see any fundamental drivers for FTM currently unlike SOL where there’s still meaningful NFT activity going on despite current market sentiments.

Additionally, the FTM-TOMB depeg and the blind moonboi community has further accelerated my decision to cut loss. Could be a bad move and I might regret it but oh well. Cope alil, move on.

Despite multiple network issues at SOL, I still see a massive potential for SOL to go head to head with Eth in the far future. Every protocol will have its own set of issues during its infancy. Give it some time to prove itself.

Might not be getting SOL as my Aurory exposure has given me sufficient exposure to the SOL ecosystem imo. It may not survive this bear, but my thesis for Aurory is still intact. As I’ve said many times, despite current market sentiments, they’re still pushing major updates. Given my thesis on gamefi, I’m willing to give this a shot because the upside is more than the downside at this point of time.

Other reason why I sold half of my FTM at a loss, it’s because I see better opportunities at this point of time.

Don’t blindly hold onto your bags anons, keep questioning your thesis. Once broken, don’t be afraid to sell at a loss.

Follow liquidity like what I’ve said previously. I’ve decided to long AVAX to hedge my KNC short. Any profits from AVAX will be used to add onto my KNC short.

$27-28 and I’ll start taking some profits.

Sorry if you’ve gotten into FTM because of me. Pls always DYOR, whatever I share here isn’t FA. This platform serve as a reflection for myself instead of a signal group. Atb anons

Lesson learnt from this: Always take profits REGARDLESS of how bullish you are on a project. Always take healthy profits!!!

What a nuke

What a nuke on Luna lolol. All it takes is a bear market and the orange coin descend to show whose king.

Luna’s main bullish thesis was all about decentralised stablecoin. But now that this narrative has failed (at least temporarily), of course you’ll see prices nuke lolol.

So if you think that your asset would never fail. Think again. Be fluid and dynamic. Again, my portfolio took a beating. But I believe that this is necessary pain before gains. You’ll never be able to time the market, so stop wishing that or you’ll always fail.

GG mate lolol, now it’s the time to buy, not when it moons. You gotta be the one that buys during max FUD to sell during max euphoria.

Look at BTC pairs and see which alts are holding up well. Read up more about it, build conviction on those alts & BTFD. Then repeat.

Good example
Wild’s touching down soon, ideally would like to see an accumulation phase before going in again.

I’m just being patient and chilling really. Weekly DCA is so much fun during times like this where I can adjust and DCA more.

When the time comes for metaverse narrative again, confident that WILD will be able to compete with top tier projects. 0.1-0.3 is where I would be looking kek.

Another good example
Exactly lolol. using a volatile asset as a foundation for a non-volatile asset, don’t make sense
Really good thread at the right time

Time to head back to bed, Crypto really messes up your sleep cycle lolol. Atb anons.


All eyes on NEAR currently, many L1s trying to imitate Luna’s UST. Would they succeed? Who knows. But NEAR is a good bet imo.

This dude explains it better than me. Enjoy this thread!

Beautiful HTF chart too
Only issue is with the huge mcap

If you’re looking for a strong and sound project, defo don’t give this a miss. Personally, I’m sticking with FTM.

I may sound stubborn, but when I research about something. I dig deep, build conviction and I stick with it until it’s no longer sound to do so.

I may not be the best at TA, but I know that I’m decent with research, understanding and building a thesis around a project.

The only way to make it here is to form your own narrative and thesis. Don’t be swayed by unnecessary noises. Be patient. If you want the multiples then you’ll need to be patient.

Market has been crabbing for almost 3 months now, a huge movement will come soon. Up or down, things will be much clearer when the time comes. But it’s sooner than you think imo.


So many possible situations currently, no clear path it seems. Anyone who talks in absolutes should not be in Crypto lolol.

BTC was in the accumulation zone since 2017 to 2020 and went from 11k to 65k, almost 6x. So it’s perfectly reasonable for it to macro range/accumulate in the 29k to 69k zone. Not sure how long it will accumulate for, but I am confident that it will eventually break out from this range and make a parabolic run. Just a question of WEN imo.

Near’s relative strength is undeniable, maintained it’s bullish structure despite current market sentiments. This will defo do well in a bull run imo.
This is actually a good zone to be accumulating more ROSE. Support at previous resistance, possibly a new accumulation zone for rose?
Sooner or later it seems..

One thing I’ll never understand is why are people so overly bearish on SOL given the amount of projects building on it? NFT: Aurory, Genopets and etc. Games: Star atlas, Aurory, Genopets and Solchicks. Given the amount of gamefi projects building on this chain. It’s hard to be bearish on this tbh. If there is any L1s that can compete with ETH in terms gamefi/NFT, it has to be SOL.

Still patiently waiting for slightly lower prices..

I still believe that L1s are a good bet in 2022. Of course, their 100x days might be over for bigger caps like FTM, SOL, Luna and etc. But 2-3x’s still perfectly possible. Esp for FTM given it’s mcap compared to established L1s.

So exhausted recently, just a few more weeks before its over.. LFG..



Chart looks decent but RSI alittle oversold imo

Not sure about the fundamentals, haven’t read about it yet. The only thing that I know is that it’s a L1. But the chart looks decent to me. *I am not invested in this*

Whatever I share here isn’t FA. Pls always DYOR! Enjoy your weekends anons kek.

DCA time

Started to DCA into FTM because the R/R here is really good. Could it nuke further? Of course, hence I’ll not be deploying all my capital but rather I’ll be deploying in small amounts. Brought my average price for FTM down significantly with this DCA. Will be taking profits when it hits $3 again. Risk management is key.

TVL in FTM has dropped significantly due to all the FUDS around it from Andre leaving to falsified article. Max fear around FTM’s future currently. But you must remember that when it first ICOed, many were dumping it at 4-5 cents. Look at where it is today.

Focus on the future, what’s your end vision for FTM? Ask yourself, can you see it competing with the likes of AVAX, SOL, Luna and etc? Is it potentially a top 10 coin?

Awesome vid! ATB FTM hodlers.

Good old ETH


Strongly believe that ETH would eventually be worth 5 figures. Read the article above to understand why so many are bullish on ETH.

Despite the gas fees being pretty gross, there are still many ETH maxis and it clearly reflects on their TVL.

But until this happens, the play would still be in alts with “better” scalability. As of now, I’ll not be accumulating any ETH or any top 10 coins in fact because the potential for multiples is limited.

The ability to retain many despite the persistent scalability issue is truly remarkable. A parabolic run will defo come when this issue resolves.

If you’re looking for a “no-brainer” etf DCA style approach in Crypto, DCAing into ETH would be an awesome play!