Alt coins

Tag $1.5 and I might be dipping my toes in

I like how PYR is still building despite current market sentiments. Would like to get a bag when the right time comes. No need to rush.

Started to lightly degen DCA on a meme coin LOL. Gonna be a part of my “forget that it exist” portfolio. Either moon or doom. #Dogcoins4lyfe

Pure gambling on this. Only doing this because history has shown time and time again that dogs coins will always moon at the last phase of a bull market.

Not sure if it’ll happen again in the next bull cycle, but probability lies with it happening again.

Not gonna bother trying to catch the bottom for dog coins because when it moons, it’s almost impossible to get on board LOL. I rather get on board earlier than later.

Ye, exactly my point. Don’t be too greedy. Put your entire crypto net worth into ETH and multiply it by 10x. If it’s 10k, you would have reached a new net worth of 100k by absolutely doing nothing and just buying ETH.

So my take is 70-80% ETH and 20% for a coin with good hype and “fundamentals”. Once you start including alts into your portfolio, an element of uncertainty comes in hence you’ll assume more risk. But it is what is. Risk and reward are intimately correlated. Higher risk = higher reward. Simple as that.

Looking closely at this too

With FTX saga, could another CEX alt take over the realm and compete with Binance? This is the narrative that WOO is sitting on. Huge potential I must say.

0.05 level would be the perfect place to scoop up some, pls gib. 30x potential to the top.

Can’t deny that WOO is looking more attractive compared to PYR. Let’s see how it goes. Accumulating ETH still remains the priority for now.

Until then! Atb anons and early happy new year!

What alts would I be accumulating soon?

Transitioned from being a stubborn “bull” to reluctant bear. But I think that many alts are entering into early stages of accumulation.

To my own surprise, the alts that I’ll be accumulating wouldn’t be adding onto my long term bags. I’ll be holding them. Believe that you know what I’m in.

Throughout early 2023 > 2024, I’ll prolly only accumulate 1 alt. Either $PYR or $SOL.

Think the 2 links above summarises things better than I would. Personally, I lean more towards $SOL, I was reluctant to buy SOL initially due to its high mcap and also I rode it from 100ish to 240ish. So I’m happy with that.

But seeing how they have been progressing in the bear markets makes it hard to neglect their progress.. sure they have their own set of issues, e.g. centralised network, breaking down, yada yada yada. At the end of day, ask yourself.. are there any other projects pushing as hard as them? Coming up with marketing gimmicks (SOL phone) just to make Crypto more accessible for non-crypto folks.

I think that it is only a matter of time before they return their all time high. Given their NFT traction and the top class devs building on their blockchain. (Aurory, Genopets and etc)

Moving to $PYR, another L1 riding on the metaverse hype. Tbh, $PYR has a HUGE potential to grow given that it’s only at 80-90m.. if this takes off, it can easily be the next 50-60x tbh.

So in terms of R/R, $PYR stands out. However in terms of adoption, $SOL still stands first.

In terms of accessibility, it’s much easier and accessible to get $SOL instead of $PYR. If y’all have a Gemini account, you can start to accumulate $SOL there. Honestly, easy work. Just wire money in and repeat your weekly/monthly DCA when the time comes.

Whereas for $PYR, you’ve to transfer funds to Binance or Kucoin for you to be able to buy it. Quite a lot of work but worth it for a 10-50x imo.

Honestly if you would like something with higher probability then betting on $SOL would be a smart choice. If you want higher return but lower probability then go for $PYR.

In terms of returns, $PYR (10-50x imo), $SOL (5-10x)

Tough choice but leaning more towards $SOL at this point of time all because of their devs activity and traction. Tbh, 5-10x tho seems “pathetic” in Crypto sense, it’s still an extremely good return. Put 5k and you’ll get 25k. Then take out 90%, and put into something safer like REITS, you’ll receiving a decent alternative income for the rest of your life.. (That’s if they continue giving their dividends), so do check their track records too.

Don’t aim for moonshots all the time, aim for something with higher probability but lower returns then repeat the whole process.

And for you to make the best out of $SOL, you must bet big. I would say at least high 4 figures or low 5 figures if possible..

Atb anons


This is something that I will never understand, if you thinking of apeing into some meme tokens on a meme blockchain.

Kudos to your bravery, but you should avoid the HODLER mentality here or you’ll get rekted. The PvP game’s getting harder and harder to play as liquidity is drying out and it is likely that the players that you’re playing against are sophisticated gamblers.

So the odds are against you really. But please only ape in what you’re willing to lose. Stay safu anons.

Generally, when meme coins starts pumping, it is an indicator that the uptrending market is about to end. Except for the last cycle where Metaverse tokens followed suit, after which L1s were the narrative.

I do think that the metaverse is heating up and that it’ll be the next to run after meme tokens.

Currently, I am only invested in AXS as I like how the chart looks, hoping for alil more dip to get in with more size.

It’s ok if you miss the run with meme tokens, the higher it climbs, the harder it falls. I’ll remember it at resistance.



I think this post summarises the bullish thesis of PYR pretty well. Being exposed to the bear market has certainly changed my way of evaluating a project.

Important point

One of the most important point imo, token inflation is something to take note of. I actually like the fact that PYR’s total supply is not far away from its circulating supply. Key factor imo.

I’m not a fan of PYR’s game graphic tbh. But I’ve learnt that I like doesn’t matter. What matters is that there are many paying attention to it and actually hyping this proj up.

TA wise, the time to buy isn’t here yet, an accumulation zone around $1.5 would be ideal. Don’t need to rush. There will be ample time to accumulate. Anything you buy now is for selling in the short term. Only at $1.5, would I start to build a long term position.

I like how the team is advancing tbh. Not a fan of the graphic but defo a fan of how they work.

Human psych (greed) will always be the same at every cycle, the key is to take advantage of it. Honestly, the best way to play in a bull market is to wait for a narrative and just participate in P&D scheme with copy cats. Waiting for a listing dump, buy and then wait, sell when it moons. (1.5x – 2x)

Then recycle profits and repeat. This is the exact reason why I’m careful when it comes to acquiring alts now because you really can’t predict which one will survive. Much easier to follow narrative in a bull market.

*I know that this post is alil old, and I have bought PYR at $4. But do note that I will be selling on bear rally bounces.*

PYR’s worth at least 80-100 per coin imo given the hype and “fundamentals”. But your entry point is crucial and the time isn’t here yet. Be patient!

Solana and FTX

Very interesting clip I must say. SBF thoroughly explains that end goal of FTT which is something that I like. I don’t think any other exchanges have tried integrating other currency or stocks on their platform, even Binance if I’m not mistaken. So, if FTT succeeds and manages to gain traction not only from Crypto enthusiast but regular tradfi folks too, imagine how wild it’ll be. The inflow of liquidity would be endless. (Ok, I’m exaggerating but this is defo bullish for FTT token as there are benefits for staking their tokens, gonna put a SS here so y’all can read through and digest)

So yeah, it’s hard not to be bullish on FTT. But I would not be accumulating at current levels. TA matters in Crypto, the market is very unforgiving to those that get in at wrong prices.

Moving onto Solana mobile phone, not sure how feasible it’ll be as the smartphone industry is so competitive with just a few big iconic brands competing against each other. Sure it’s a good way to attract normies into Crypto but it might not be able to gain traction. I mean logically, I would still choose iPhone over Solana phone anyday. But hey, who knows what may happen in the far future.

Still bullish on Aurory. LFG
Enjoy this short thread anons!

I would accumulate SOL if I’m not invested in $AURY tbh. I don’t like to have too much exposure into one ecosystem. Much rather spread it out. Having said that, this is a degen approach because SOL is more likely to survive compared to AURY, but if SOL moon x10 in the far future, imagine how far AURY can go. This is an asymmetrical bet imo. High R/R. Let’s see how it goes.

Hope that you’ve enjoyed this short summary. ATB anons!


What a sick gameplay
So bullish on Aurory. Been building so much despite current market sentiments. Very strong backing and fundamentals imo. Just tried the gameplay and it was amazinggg.

Really hope that AURY finds a good accumulation zone eventually. I will be there to accumulate when the time comes.

Imo, this will eventually grow to be 9 figures mcap. Fundamentals not reflecting on price action currently. It is imperative to be objective regardless of how much you like a project.

If the price action does not show any signs of bottoming then I would not be investing, simple as that. Additionally, 26 may is when the locked staking pool which be “unlocked”, so I do expect selling pressure leading to end of May.

I am cautious for now. Show me the bottom and I will be scooping it up. If not, happy to wait. I don’t mind accumulating and waiting for 5 years tbh as long as I see an accumulation zone, I’ll be going in.

The chart will guide the next course of action, be objective as possible as you when it comes to Crypto. Don’t give up your money until you find a compelling reason to.

Buy strong alts then it’ll moon right?

Differing opinions tho

Remember how strong L1s were a few months back? Look at where it is now. Has the fundamentals changed? Clearly no. But has the price action changed? Significantly..

It’s PvP market currently, which is why you have to understand what you’re getting yourself into before committing. If you’re panicking because your favourite alts has dropped by more than 30% and you’re not thinking of DCAing in. Then you’re in the wrong investment.

Honestly, it’s difficult or rather almost impossible to know which asset would moon. So, your best bet would be fundamentals, hype and price action.

Hype’s the most important on imo. Hype is also one of the many reasons why I’m bullish on gamefi as a whole.

Furthermore, gamefi may be one of the best way to on-ramp newbies to Crypto. Think about it, would your lil bro/sis try out defi? Prolly not. But would they try out games? Prolly.. Regardless age, gamefi reduces the barrier to entry significantly.

If you ain’t invested in any gamefi projects currently, then you’re significantly limiting your upside imo. I could be wrong and nothing here is FA. Only time would tell if I’m right.

Lights out

For those that wants to have gamefi exposure but would like to play it “safer”. This might be a good level to accumulate for Axie. But, if AXS loses the $45 support, lights out lolol. $12 next in line.

Same thing with Sand, but Sand looks better imo.. compression of 12/21 EMA.

Mana does not look that bad tbh! Very close to previous resistance. Just purely based on TA alone, I would go for MANA.

All these 3 coins are considered high cap, so don’t be a blind moon boi and think that you’ll get 20-100x from them. 2-3x, take your profits and move on! Compound it, think like a trader.

PvP environment currently, harsh for traders, fantastic for investors with long term horizons. Bounces are getting weaker and weaker. Many will start leaving and the same group will come in and FOMO at the top.

If we’re gonna nuke more from here, pls just do it now. Hate this slow grind down, would much rather prefer a flash nuke down and re-consolidation. But, oh well. Learn to adapt to market conditions, not the other way round.

Importance of TP

Talked about geno wen it was 8, mooned to 22 and back down to 11

If you’ve started taking profits from 16-18, GMI. Contrary to what many other CT tells you, “HODL TILL IT MOONS”, “If you don’t HODL then blame yourself if you miss the next 10-20x”, blah blah blah.

I believe in compounding, take out your capital + small profit, leave a small moon bag. Now repeat with your slightly bigger capital. That’s all.

12.8 next for AURY

No alphas for now, just sticking to my long term convictions. Not in a rush to accumulate anything. Frustrating times indeed but if you adopt a long term outlook in Crypto and believe that it will succeed as a whole, then you prolly GMI.

Gamefi moon kek

Beautiful run from gene, almost 3x lolol. Still have room to go imo. But the R/R might not be that great anymore. A lot of top CT people noticing it now, so if you’ve gotten in early. GMI! If not, it’s alright, there will always be the next one.

Wild has a better R/R imo tbh.

Beautifulllll, flip 9.7 & 12.8 would be the next target!
Another one with good R/R

Don’t sleep on WILD/PYR & AURY. Finding hidden gems and accumulating would be fantastic in this current market sentiment. Bears still in disbelief. Prolly more room to go. Not sure if BTC would go to 100k by this year. But do plan your TP targets. Have a valuation, plan accordingly!