Alt coins

Tag $1.5 and I might be dipping my toes in

I like how PYR is still building despite current market sentiments. Would like to get a bag when the right time comes. No need to rush.

Started to lightly degen DCA on a meme coin LOL. Gonna be a part of my “forget that it exist” portfolio. Either moon or doom. #Dogcoins4lyfe

Pure gambling on this. Only doing this because history has shown time and time again that dogs coins will always moon at the last phase of a bull market.

Not sure if it’ll happen again in the next bull cycle, but probability lies with it happening again.

Not gonna bother trying to catch the bottom for dog coins because when it moons, it’s almost impossible to get on board LOL. I rather get on board earlier than later.

Ye, exactly my point. Don’t be too greedy. Put your entire crypto net worth into ETH and multiply it by 10x. If it’s 10k, you would have reached a new net worth of 100k by absolutely doing nothing and just buying ETH.

So my take is 70-80% ETH and 20% for a coin with good hype and “fundamentals”. Once you start including alts into your portfolio, an element of uncertainty comes in hence you’ll assume more risk. But it is what is. Risk and reward are intimately correlated. Higher risk = higher reward. Simple as that.

Looking closely at this too

With FTX saga, could another CEX alt take over the realm and compete with Binance? This is the narrative that WOO is sitting on. Huge potential I must say.

0.05 level would be the perfect place to scoop up some, pls gib. 30x potential to the top.

Can’t deny that WOO is looking more attractive compared to PYR. Let’s see how it goes. Accumulating ETH still remains the priority for now.

Until then! Atb anons and early happy new year!


Don’t be shaken off, be bullish in the presence of fear. Been slowly adding to my CRV bag. Plans changed.

CRV almost resting nicely on previous support level

If you understand supply/demand, then you can’t be bearish on CRV. Simple as that. There’s a good probability that this will eventually be double digits. Look at how many other assets are based around CRV (E.g. Convex).

Interestingly how bullish people were just a week ago compared to now lolol. Think long term, all these frustrations will be worth it in the end.

ATB anons!

FTX listing CVX?

FTX has been listing alot of interesting coins recently. If you’re bullish on defi then you can’t fade CRV or CVX, simple as that. NFA, but CVX or CRV are good options tbh. Pret bullish on both of them. I shared a link in one of my post talking about CRV.
Found it! > If you want to find out more, then you could click on the link!

The range of assets available for trading in FTX has really improved compared to where it was previously. Not planning to get this, would prefer to focus on CRV as I’m already invested in it so I would rather concentrate than diversify. Additionally, CRV has a slightly smaller mcap currently, so more room to grow.

CT is becoming overly bearish recently, which could indicate that a huge disbelief impulse might be round the corner. You can draw as many lines as you want on the BTC chart, but Crypto is a unpredictable market like it or not. Sometimes, when you miss the boat, you either gotta wait a long time or fomo higher.

Sure, macro outlook isn’t great currently. But, macro outlook wasn’t great during COVID crash too… Look at how much it bounced from there.

Sick sick work LOL, wen this happens. There will be a good chance that AURY will moon wen bull returns. The floor price for aurorians is roughly 20-30 SOL, wen the trading currency converts from SOL to AURY instead. This creates utility for the AURY token.
Still a horrible looking chart tbh, would not be DCAing until the chart looks healthier. Putting all technicals aside, I am still bullish on Aurory fundamentally. Only a matter of time before I start DCAing. Until then, I’ll stay staked.

3000% returns on FTM?

This is an auto compounder where it auto compounds to add onto your existing LP

Disclaimer: I’m not invested in this and don’t plan to

Don’t be fooled by the high yield anons, look at the TVL first. The reason why the yield is high it’s because the TVL is currently low. Think of it this way, more people = lesser rewards because everyone is sharing the same pool of rewards.

The strat to these degen farms is to always be early. Once the yield drops below four figures, it means that you ain’t early anymore.

For anyone that’s interested in this farm, you could click on the link above to read more. Don’t ape w/o understanding the protocol.

Of course, you should research on the team as well and ask questions on their official tele/discord group.

Their rationale behind how they try to maintain peg
This is the admin’s reply btw
Another issue
It seems like you gotta lock your FTM for an undisclosed period and you’ll get beFTM in return. But in this case your beFTM can be put to work too.
These are the things that you can do with your beFTM

So the major risk here imo is beFTM de-pegging from FTM. That would be catastrophic imo because your FTM is locked for an undisclosed period of time.

Peg seems perfect
However it’s still relatively new, so I’ll be cautious here.

I value liquidity hence I’m giving this a miss. Don’t like the idea of my funds being locked. Furthermore, this is not battle tested hence de pegging is a real risk here. Your job is to survive this bear market so you can reap the rewards during bull. Not time for any degen style farming imo.

Additionally, I didn’t have a good user experience plus the vibes that the admin gives off. Something doesn’t sit right. So I’m gonna give this a miss. But this is just my experience and if you would like to go for it, please DYOR!

Atb anons!


Plan hasn’t changed, next area of interest for accumulation would be 1.2

Bullish on CRV in the long run, still believe that $10 is possible. But given the macro outlook, it’ll prolly take longer than usual.

My primary focus for now is still FTM & WILD. Currently staking my CRV so not in a rush to accumulate.

Used this time to read up more and realised that there are many other projects “copying” the mechanism of CRV. (LQDR, SOLID and etc)

One major difference is that, none of them are battle tested. Which is key imo. Mentioned that I was interested in LQDR, but after deep consideration, I feel that I’ve a clearer vision for CRV.

Not in a hurry for anything as I’m pretty exposed currently. If I were to DCA down on anything, it has to be on a significant discount or I wouldn’t be interested.

I was frustrated at myself for not diving deeper and buying more conviction assets during last year July. So, I am determined to change that. When my targets are met, I’ll DCA regardless. If it’s gonna go down then so be it. Just keep repeating the process.


For those that are interested in knowing more about what the CRV token can do and why it is highly sought after.

After reading this, you’ll understand why CRV supply is actually scarce and that a supply shock is gonna happen sooner or later.

For those that are thinking about DCAing more into your coins, since BTC has already broke down the key support level of 41k. The next level would 32-35k. That level will be the next key support level.

When BTC reaches that level, then it could be a good time to reaccumulate and lower down your average price for your alts.

If you’re in alts with good fundamentals, then sit tight and wait or DCA more. The latter would be a better option.

Remember when you thought to yourself that you’ll buy more when everyone is fearful and prices are cheap? That time is here.

This is the best time to start researching and diving more into the space. Find undervalued projects and don’t look back.

Don’t give up anons. We are in this together kek.