Good 2 weeks break

These 2 weeks break has been amazing! Done and reflected so much. Really enjoyed myself. Just gonna post some pics as usual kek.

Yet again, amazing really.. love Kunafe
Ah piaw noodles, kinda sad that their signature abalone noodle was sold out on that day ;(
Decent toast at JB
Kunafe in JB is alil different compared to SG. Still prefer the SG version tho. But the baklava was amazing NGL.
Turkish coffee, alil too strong for my liking but interesting experience
Apple cinnamon: Not too bad! Interesting taste and decent texture.
Been 2 years since I’ve went to JB’s Monday market. Glad to see that it survived and endured through tough times.
Turkish yogurt drink: I chose the sweet one, this was really amazing. One of my all time favs!!
My fav Mexican restaurant in SG, y’all must try this tbh. You’ll never go wrong with SuperLoco.
Eye-opening experience at ASURU studio! Very light hearted conversation with the owner and was impressed by the amount of attention/dedication they have put into it.
Mad love for Sashimi kek. Nothing beats a good sashimi.
Decent soba experience!

Despite all that has happened in Crypto or to my portfolio, I am really happy with life currently. Even though, being a student kinda sucks due to tight finances, I have learnt to appreciate the little things in life.

Time with your loved ones and family is something that can never be bought with money. There are things that are far more important that money. Not everything is transactional. I’ve traded comfort for money in the past as I have been investing aggressively previously. But my goal has shifted slightly, I would like to step on the brakes alil, enjoy life alil more.

Now that I have recharged (it’ll never be enough), I would say that I’m ready for the next placement. The previous one was one of the most challenging but rewarding experience. I hope that the next one would be equally rewarding. LFGGGG

Tough bearish times

Moving forward, things would be much more challenging as hospital placement starts soon. Prolly wouldn’t have much time to focus on Crypto but I’ll still try my best to update here if I have pockets of free time.

It is crucial to priorities my learning as of now as I am responsible for the lives of others. I aspire to be a top notch clinician in the far future so gotta put in the work. No excuses. By the time this post is released, I would be 1/4 done with placement. Hoping that it’ll be a positive one!

This tiny space of mine has been gaining quite abit of traction recently. I have received messages from people telling me that they have really benefitted from here. I am happy and humbled to hear that. Appreciate all the support.

Moving forward, macro outlook does not look good be it in tradfi or crypto. Understand that it is painful to see your beloved portfolio get smashed down by -50% or more. But I just wanna reiterate that this correction is completely normal after a crazy parabolic run with SP500 x2 from the Covid lows and BTC going from 4 to 5 figures.

A correction is inevitable. But always remember, with every irritational sell off comes a parabolic run. It will come sooner or later. Remember how bad things looked during the covid crash be it for tradfi or crypto? How people were calling for even lower prices? A wise CT once said “There are many bearish/bullish narratives but there is only one chart”. This statement has resonated in me ever since. He was one of the only few bullish ones during the whole COVID crash and he is currently bullish. So, it really says alot.

Hindsight, it was a beautiful time to accumulate. So, what you do now will make a huge difference in the future. Embrace the pain, it will be worth it.

Ouch, but it happens. I am still DCAing into this because I don’t see why China wouldn’t be able to go head to head with US in the far future.
This could very well be next, lets see how it goes.

DCA, FARM and chill. Close to 2am now, time for me to sleep. Gn anons!

Note: By the time this post is out, sentiments might not be bearish anymore. But the same thing applies, buy in fear & sell in euphoria.


Feb has been a tiring month, was tryna juggle between so many things. Had to prioritize school for now and neglect Crypto alil. So many things to recap and practice before seeing real patients. Despite preparing so much, I still feel uneasy and unprepared.

But I guess that one can never be prepared for it. All you can do is learn and adapt on the job. Hopefully, my pre clinicals grind would be worthwhile in the end.

Even tho March just started, it has been pret intense. Just finished my exams a few days back and had to continue revising and honing my practical skills. Barely any breathing space tbh. The only time where I can relieve my stress through sharing here is during late hours. It’s literally close to 2am now lolol.

Can’t help but wonder what would be my first placement? Cardiopulm, MSK or Neuro? But whatever comes my way, I will take it as it is and learn as much as I can. 3 years of hard work just to qualify for Clinicals, there is no way I am gonna let this opportunity pass. Whatever it is, if it helps me to be a better clinician, then I will do it.

Crunch time!

Such a great lofi