Power of 3 (Trading)

Think that this power of 3 concept is pret interesting. Accumulation > manipulation and expansion. Really can be applied to any timeframe. But I think for max gains, this should be applied in a higher timeframe context.. (Takes a lot of patience tho)

Many coins are breaking out currently. Personally just following the trend/flow on alts. Nothing long term yet. Maybe just 2 (free ride for one as I have removed my capital, waiting for another free ride).

I think the power of 3 concept is really simple but a powerful tool that one can use. Accumulate during the manipulation phase. Invalidation will be if price drops below the lowest point during the manipulation and closes BELOW. Key word is close.

Really good strat for spot traders imo.
Would BTC ever revisit range lows again? I’m still leaning towards Yes. Eventually imo. Could be wrong but I’m really to flip anytime.
Good video on narrative trading and power of 3!

Made quite a fair bit so far from this “easy” mode market. Really thankful for it. Almost recovered all that I lost previously. So yeah, a really good start I must say. So much as luck had a role in it, I like to believe that my relentless efforts has helped me tremendously.

Send COTI next? 1.3 & I’m out. Leaving some funds in Binance for rotation sake.
This is why I try not to talk to micro caps here as many including myself initially can’t stand the volatility. Large swings up and down can really screw you up, low cap rotation game really requires strong will.

Always question your thesis when playing with small caps, where is the current narrative? Do you think price will eventually recover? Is it just pure FUD & attention will eventually return? What is the catalyst? Any large influencers shilling it? What’s their history? Any PnD history?

Many many dynamic factors to consider that is too fluid. Many will get wrecked without a framework. (So did I in the beginning)..

Define your framework, stick with it and ride it out. If it works out, the returns can be really handsome. Extract out your capital and alil profits and rotate. Regardless of how bullish, you should always extract your capital. Capital protection is key. Ignore what others say about it. FOCUS ON PROTECTING YOUR DOWNSIDE!

Conclusion: Narratives, attention span and power of 3..

What’s the next big narrative after ETH merge?

If you want a “safe” 3-5x, honestly this is the answer. Simple $BTC, nothing too fancy..

This would honestly be a dream.. An absolute gift for those who are patient. I am shifting my mindset, from a downtrading market to potentially accumulating before the next cycle. All I have been doing is learning how to trade and analyze charts, so I can make the best out of the next cycle.

100k BTC isn’t out of the question, just a matter of when imo.. So I would like to at least own 1 BTC and accumulate BTC around 11-13k. That would be around 30% of my total PF. But I think it is worth the R/R at this point of time. So, if it comes, I will be bidding and DCAing throughout 2023 till 2024 BTC halving. I would be working at that point of time so accumulating some wouldnt be an issue, but if it comes now, the max I can go is only 1 unfortunately.. A small amount compared to many other financial folks out there.

Torn between ETH or BTC, but I think narrative wise going forward, BTC has a stronger edge. Nothing concrete yet, but I am open to accumulating either one. Leaning more towards ETH out of love for L1 but it’s important to detach your emotions from investing/trading.

These 2 years will have a strong impact on your net worth in the far future, so pick and wisely.. You will be rewarded in the end anons.

Profitable trading “so far”

Been awhile since I’ve updated my trading plans, but I’ve managed to compound the initial $50 till $400 USD. So I’m pretty pleased with it. Of course Ive lost almost all but managed to make a comeback and have been tweaking my trading plan ever since.

So far, I’ve only been trading one type candle stick pattern. Literally just one LOL. I’ll prolly come up with another post for that talking about my strategy because it’ll be a fairly dry topic.

My plan forward is really simple and small, to generate $50-$100 per week if possible for my own spending LOL. Treat myself or my close ones to a cheap meal or whatever.

When I get more comfortable with trading in bigger size (4-5 figures) on low leverage, then the weekly generated income will prolly be larger. But the sole focus now is only 50-100 per week as this is the amount that I believe is possible at my current novice level. That’s all I want for now, not aiming for any unrealistic moonshot. Consistency is what I strive for.

Although I’ve improved emotionally in terms of trading, there’s more to work on and the learning process will never end because every situation is unique on its own.

This post shall serve as a reflection to always remain humble and hungry for knowledge even when in profit. I know that my profits are small and pathetic compared to many others, but I believe with time and a lot of effort eventually I’ll get there.

Dumb money is still good money eh?

Market pumped all because of this.. LOL only to nuke back down again. Whatever it is, still an easy short tbh.

Honestly can’t wait for accumulation phase where I can start to buy a crap load of ETH. Patience is king here.

Look at where the bollinger bands are.. further confluence for $700ish ETH.

Bidding when the time comes. Until then, fade all pumps..

$2000 ETH

Those that bought ETH at 800-900ish, well done! I was one of the bearish ones that thought $750 was in sight. I still do think that ETH will eventually trade towards $750 eventually. But since I didn’t get my entry, I’ll look to play ALTS for a catch up trade.

Like I’ve said before, being adaptable is key. If this doesn’t work out then what? Have a plan B, find your best edge and learn to unleash it at the right time.

I find what works best to curb FOMO, is to enter half size first, and place another half size bid much lower. This prevents full on FOMO, so if things moons from there, you’re covered but if it dips alil, you’re covered too.

Sure your gains will be limited but at least you’ll be more consistent. Consistency is key. Now isn’t the time to fade any pumps. Sep 15, mark this date down.. ETH merge date.

That could be a catalyst to either a nuke or pump depending on the outcome. I’m leaning towards a nuke. Let’s see how it goes.

Hoping for a good pullback so that I can enter in full size for FTM & ROSE. Don’t think that my bids for PYR would be filled given that it’s already 20-30% up from my entry.

We still have 3-4 weeks to enjoy gains in an uptrend. Don’t waste it anons. Keep rotating and following narratives. Be flexible.

Sky’s clear now 🛬
Hedged short
Take note of stronger alts

I’ll be bidding for both if a pull back comes.

ETH to the rescue

Clean break through, I like this sort of set up. One of my fav.

Don’t say no alpha hor, 12/21 EMA crossing. Good chance, this will run alil.

Think PYR will have a good run in this mini bear rally. Orders ready at 3.45. Please fill it in!! Spot only for this. I love trading 1D charts because I’m slightly better at it and spot trading really reduces the level of stress significantly.

Cleaned my chart alil, really like the way this looks now. Will keep it this way.

That’s all the “alpha” that I have for now. Time to get back to work. Don’t really have the luxury and time to trade futures when on placement. Oh well. Week 1 has been inundating, really hoping that things will get better from here. Wish me luck.

Update: Aped in half size for $PYR at 3.63, looking to add again at 3.3 if it gets there. I WILL BE taking profits at 4.7 and perhaps 5 depending on the strength at the point of time. If we don’t get 3.3 then I’ll just exit completely at 4.7

I’ll still take it as a bear market rally until proven otherwise. Still holding on my long term bags so if it’s a true rally then I’m exposed too.

Completely out. Will re-enter on S/R flip.

Those that managed to catch this movement with me. Do take profits responsibly. Zoom out and you’ll know why.

TA still displays a bear rally. Don’t bag hold, do note that PYR may revisit 1.5 in the future given macro uncertainty.

Searching for potential gems in the Matic eco system as I think it’s the best R/R with people being risk on again. Look at LQDR during FTM szn. 5-10x. The same can happen here too.

Market structure

This is one of the most useful guide imo.

Good shorting opportunity
Good shorting opportunity

This is a really good guide, simple tbh. Find those with broken structure and more room for downside, then short it.

I like CRV/PYR’s chart, looks close to accumulation phase.

Feel like ETH still has room for downside, I don’t know how low it’s gonna drop, all I care about is how the structure looks. Could be 700-100, we shall see. R/R wise, ETH is the best when it enters a phase of accumulation. Very very likely it’ll eventually break through ATH and reach 5 figures in the far future.

The alts that you’re holding might x10-100 but it’s too difficult to pick out which one will really moon. They can remain dead like LTC. Hence R/R and probability wise, getting ETH is a no brainer.

My plan forward is just to slowly accumulate ETH, SP500 and SG REIT. That’s all, im gonna keep it simple. Still bullish on CRV and AURY, but the time to buy isn’t here yet. ETH is the way to go for now.. Oh yes and slowly hone my trading skills too.