What’s the next big narrative after ETH merge?

If you want a “safe” 3-5x, honestly this is the answer. Simple $BTC, nothing too fancy..

This would honestly be a dream.. An absolute gift for those who are patient. I am shifting my mindset, from a downtrading market to potentially accumulating before the next cycle. All I have been doing is learning how to trade and analyze charts, so I can make the best out of the next cycle.

100k BTC isn’t out of the question, just a matter of when imo.. So I would like to at least own 1 BTC and accumulate BTC around 11-13k. That would be around 30% of my total PF. But I think it is worth the R/R at this point of time. So, if it comes, I will be bidding and DCAing throughout 2023 till 2024 BTC halving. I would be working at that point of time so accumulating some wouldnt be an issue, but if it comes now, the max I can go is only 1 unfortunately.. A small amount compared to many other financial folks out there.

Torn between ETH or BTC, but I think narrative wise going forward, BTC has a stronger edge. Nothing concrete yet, but I am open to accumulating either one. Leaning more towards ETH out of love for L1 but it’s important to detach your emotions from investing/trading.

These 2 years will have a strong impact on your net worth in the far future, so pick and wisely.. You will be rewarded in the end anons.


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