Eth merge.. sell the news?

For those that managed to catch the bottom for ETH, I think a few days before the merge would be a good time to sell esp if you have managed to 2x your capital.

Dont be a blind moon boy..

Look at the market structure and think again about holding any positions. No idea where the bottom will be, but if $740 comes, I will be bidding. Slow and steady..

This is where you gotta build up your trading psychology, go with probabilities. Given the structure of the chart above, what are the chances of ETH mooning past ATHs? Unlikely imo..

Like it or not, if you’re in Crypto. You must learn how to trade or you will always be at the losing end. This isn’t an index fund, you can’t apply DCA here and I learnt it the hard way.

I suspect there will be one more hard nuke from here, will prolly be a catastrophic one. Decimation I reckon. Let’s see.

Bidding when the time comes.. Hopefully $1, thats what ill be aiming for.
Leaving this here, will reassess again after accumulating and waiting for 2-3 years. The next metaverse hype will be wild.

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