Good 2 weeks break

These 2 weeks break has been amazing! Done and reflected so much. Really enjoyed myself. Just gonna post some pics as usual kek.

Yet again, amazing really.. love Kunafe
Ah piaw noodles, kinda sad that their signature abalone noodle was sold out on that day ;(
Decent toast at JB
Kunafe in JB is alil different compared to SG. Still prefer the SG version tho. But the baklava was amazing NGL.
Turkish coffee, alil too strong for my liking but interesting experience
Apple cinnamon: Not too bad! Interesting taste and decent texture.
Been 2 years since I’ve went to JB’s Monday market. Glad to see that it survived and endured through tough times.
Turkish yogurt drink: I chose the sweet one, this was really amazing. One of my all time favs!!
My fav Mexican restaurant in SG, y’all must try this tbh. You’ll never go wrong with SuperLoco.
Eye-opening experience at ASURU studio! Very light hearted conversation with the owner and was impressed by the amount of attention/dedication they have put into it.
Mad love for Sashimi kek. Nothing beats a good sashimi.
Decent soba experience!

Despite all that has happened in Crypto or to my portfolio, I am really happy with life currently. Even though, being a student kinda sucks due to tight finances, I have learnt to appreciate the little things in life.

Time with your loved ones and family is something that can never be bought with money. There are things that are far more important that money. Not everything is transactional. I’ve traded comfort for money in the past as I have been investing aggressively previously. But my goal has shifted slightly, I would like to step on the brakes alil, enjoy life alil more.

Now that I have recharged (it’ll never be enough), I would say that I’m ready for the next placement. The previous one was one of the most challenging but rewarding experience. I hope that the next one would be equally rewarding. LFGGGG

Random thoughts (1)

CBD area never fails to bring out random thoughts

Was just daydreaming about how I envision life to be after achieving financial freedom. Tbh, it doesn’t include luxury cars, huge houses and etc.

All I want is to be able to free myself and my loved ones from the vicious rat race cycle that many are trapped in.

I’ll prolly have the same lifestyle while working part time. Spend more time with my parents, future kids and wife. Occasionally, bringing my fam out for a good meal too.

For this to happen, I would need at least 7 figures invested in dividend stocks in the future. So, guess that I gotta grind harder. I’m not sure if I’ll achieve it in 20 years time. But the best thing I can do for myself now is to be a smarter investor.

Good podcast for anyone that’s interested!

Until then, let’s keep the grind going.

2021 Reflection

2021 has been a year full of ups and downs, be it in school or crypto, gonna do a short reflection so that I can look back at the end of 2022 and see how far I have came.


  • I have always thought to myself, how sick it’ll be to actually be in Y3 where you are finished with most of the studying part. The only thing that stands between you and being a physio is actually just clinical placements and thesis, but now that I am in that position, it actually feels alittle different from how I thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful that I have made it this far and managed to maintain a pretty decent grade throughout my 3 years.
  • However, I am actually afraid of clinical placements because now you are actually responsible for someone. One mistake and someone’s life may be permanently affected. But as a student, you are bound to make mistakes but the mistake cannot be so severe that it compromises the safety of a patient.
  • I am not the most detailed-oriented and careful person, so this is something I would like to work on and also to be able to stay composed during stressful situations.
  • Goal > Maintain my grades and go into placement with a good/clear mind so that I can absorb everything like a sponge.

Personal life

  • Spend more time with family and loved ones
  • Save enough money for marriage and future
  • Hopefully, I will do well in Crypto for 2022 and be able to bring my loved ones out for a good meal using my gains


  • Increase my exposure to China and US market through 2801 and SP500, I will aim to put enough money in so that it will last me until 2023. (FSMone allows you to DCA on a monthly basis) > Need to be more disciplined with this and not put more into Crypto for now, SP500 especially has been going up consistently at a rate of 10% yearly and I believe that it will continue to do. So, I would like to build up my exposure to “safer” investment so that I can take more risk with Crypto.
  • 7 to 10x my Crypto portfolio and bring it up to 5 figures

Gonna leave this here and see if I have achieved most of it at the end of the 2022. Happy new year to all of the readers here! May 2022 be kind to all of us!