Started to reduce my monthly DCA size on VOO given how much it has ran. I would like to keep some ammos available when 310 comes.

For those that are interested, Im using FSMONE so regardless of what happens I’ll always DCA on the 8th of every month. Depending the price closer to the date, I’ll adjust the size accordingly.

Will prolly update my VOO plan here instead of constantly spamming new post to talk about the same thing. Helps to keep things neat too.

Decreased my monthly DCA for VOO and increased 2801 slightly.

Leaving a huge chunk of ammos for VOO when bearish sentiments starts to resurface again. Until then, will only DCA in small amounts.

SP500 soon…

Getting close.. still alil room to go. Most of my cai png money came from shorting instead of longing. In a bear market, you can short at crappy entries and get away with it. So your best bet is to short.

The opposite applies in a bull market.. market context is king imo. I’ve been DCAing more aggressively into SP500 now. It’s the main focus for now.

DCAing into SP500 during dips have always been profitable historically, keep it simple with tradfi. Just 1-3 index funds and you’re set for life. Of course, you can never use history to predict future events. But history does influence probabilities. So your best bet is to go with probabilities.

Major outlook looking pretty harsh going forward with recession being a real possibility. But this is also the best time to buy. Keep stacking SP500, invest as much as you can into it while not compromising your quality of life. When the inevitable bull returns, you’ll be thanking yourself for the decisions that you have made today.

Too much SAGA around Crypto currently, Celsius, Luna, 3AC.. etc etc. This is what happens when liquidity is drying up. Nothing much to update here, just looking for shorting opportunities.

Will update again when I see an accumulation phase for ETH. That’s the time to start massively accumulating. Hopefully till BTC halving in 2024.. plenty of time to get a crap load by then. Just short term trades until then.

Tradfi/Crypto simple strategy

If the weekly closes below 1700 like this, it prolly goes to 1300 regardless of bounces in between as major support levels are broken for now..

What I’ve learnt from my previous mistakes is not go in too early, wait for an accumulation zone before going in. That’s how you should play in a bear market at least. Short/fade pump, wait for an accumulation zone then repeat.

Whereas in a bull market what you should do, is to buy every dip and sell when it 2-3x. My mistake was using a bull market strat during a bear market and not being agile enough to adapt to changing sentiments. I’m still working on my system through short term trades and it’s been going decent so far.

But should you ALWAYS wait for an accumulation zone? When it comes to Crypto, I would say yes.. but tradfi maybe not.

SP500 is a clear example of why accumulation zone doesn’t always apply

Every dip is for buying in this case, which is why those that DCA into SP500 and go in even harder during dips would win in the long run.

So imo, the best strat when it comes to SP500, is to DCA. But when it comes to ETH/BTC, it’ll be wise to wait for an accumulation zone before going in. Buy a crap load of ETH then sell during euphoria, easier said than done but it’s possible to do.

It’s ALMOST a certainty that ETH will eventually break past ATHs, when that happens you’ll easily 2-3x your initial. So this is a lazy man play but the success rate for this approach is high imo.

The key in Crypto, is to be dynamic. If you like to go for bigger gains then sure go for alts but be prepared for it to go a lot lower before going back up. (Rekt like me lolol)

My strat going forward in summary

1: Crypto > wait for an accumulation zone, ideally around 700-1.3k, buy a crap load of ETH then sell some at 4K to take out my initial (+ small profits) at least. Keep a small amount and ride it up to five figure ETH. (When this happens, your alts will go parabolic, then sell most of it, despite being underwater for now, I’m sure the alts that I own will go parabolic when it happens so I’m HODLing till then)

2. Tradfi (Index fund like SP500) > keep it simple lads, keep DCAing.. however be dynamic with it. Put in more when it’s dipping like now and lesser when it’s rising.

Both of these are simple long term plays that have very good success rate. But only if you are patient.. I might’ve lost for now (temporary), but I’m sure I’ll come back if I don’t stop learning.

Happy to have started this platform to serve as a reflection for myself in time to come. Appreciate y’all for following me through my journey and hope that you’ve gained something of value from my mistakes. Atb anons!

Tradfi cliff diving

Cliff diving in progress lolol.. Gonna be a mad ride down. But it’s alright, I’ll welcome it with open arms. Bear market is only temporary and things will inevitably be better.

Look like crap tbh, no signs of bottoming or accumulating.
-70% for Netflix lolol from almost 700 to 190 and Crypto seems to be risky?? Makes a lot of sense lolol
Another example

Doesn’t matter which market you trade, whales always manipulate to create max FUD before loading their bags. Not interested in Tradfi. Not worth the effort imo. Much prefer Crypto.

I don’t mind accumulating at depressed prices for a few years. The eventual path will be up for SP500. Have a long term plan and stick to it. Keep it simple kek.

Tradfi ETF

Out of curiosity, I went to research alil on VWRA. Basically it’s an index that tracks the market performance around the WHOLE world.

So, I was thinking “Oh wow, maybe I could just invest in this and forgo my VOO & 2801”. As y’all might know, I’m a big fan of passive index funds despite being heavily involved in Crypto.

But after researching more, I was disappointed to see the heavy allocation towards US. So it kinda make sense why it has a similar chart to S&P 500 since most of the gains prolly came from it.

Additionally, I don’t like the measly allocation to China market. Therefore, I don’t plan to change any of my tradfi plans. If my thesis on the China market is true then it would not move the charts by much.

If anyone of you would like to educate me more about VWRA or know of any other ETF that tracks the overall market index evenly. Please do let me know! Always happy to learn from you.

Tradfi (Dream coming true?)

Approaching my dream target soon kek, will defo be DCAing more if it happens

I’ve the exact same sentiments for SP500 and imo it’ll prolly fall to previous covid highs. I’ve mentioned this briefly but wasn’t completely confident.

I am defo more confident now that it’ll reach my dream target. It’ll be beautiful tbh. Exactly why I haven’t been deploying all my capital. Having said that, I have been continuously DCAing into SP500 (just in smaller amounts). If targets are met, I’ll be DCAing much more.

If this SP500 prediction comes true, it’ll be catastrophic for all your alts (mine too). They’ll prolly nuke once more after having tanked a -90%. So be prepared for it..

Exactly why risk management is key, always leave fiat available to buy up any insane nukes. Keep repeating and you’ll be fine in the long run.

FTM might be approaching my $1 target soon. Ready for it kek. While y’all were all bullish short term, all I saw was lower highs. I am bullish long term and I am willing to wait weeks to months for my set ups.

Macro outlook isn’t optimistic atm, fear all around the market. Imo, with more knowledge comes greater fear. When I was DCAing aggressively back during COVID crash, I didn’t even feel anything. All because I wasn’t knowledgeable enough and didn’t know what to fear.

Now that my knowledge has expanded. I do feel more fear tbh. But I’ll stick true to my rules. Weather this and you’ll come out stronger anons!

Concentration over diversification

Highly likely that FTM would tap the 90 cents zone, I’ll be betting hard in this zone. Not all in but close to it. I will make this my biggest holding for 2022 and let this narrative play out.

For those that didnt know, you can loan out your FTM on FTXpro for 10% per annual currently. So, dont let your FTM rot, put it to work and gain something outta it OR you could explore FTM eco. (Hint: FTM+TOMB)

Moving on, I have increased my monthly DCA amount into Vanguard SP500 (VOO). The price has been falling due to rising interest rates and fear. If the US market is negatively impacted, crypto will not be spared. But either way, this is the best time to be adding kek.

Dropping below the 21EMA is not a good sign. Look at the Covid crash in comparison to now. Quite similar eh? So panic sell or greedy buy at current levels? Think long term..
I will never deviate from my index fund tradfi play despite how invested I am in Crypto as it will always be my safe haven. For those that are looking to strike a balance between both. Sticking to long term index fund play (30 years and beyond) for tradfi would be an awesome play. Tradfi is a relatively efficient market, so it would never be as volatile as Crypto, which is why personally I feel that it is not worth the effort to look for gems. Spending so much time and dedication for a 20-30% gain really just isn’t worth it for me.

Tbh, my tradfi portfolio is still currently up a good 15% despite no effort. Not bragging a mere 15% return or anything. But just sharing my 2 cents. Regretted not getting into SP500 during the Covid crash so not gonna make the same mistake again.

Going back, deciding to make FTM into my biggest holding could be one of the riskiest play but I honestly think that it could do a Luna or Solana. Only time will tell..

Find those projects that are still building in this harsh environment and they will reward you eventually. Really wanna stake my WILD but the ETH gas fees… disgusting..

2022 will be the year where only the strongest metaverse survive, the bubble might have popped for now. But there will be another bubble that will be far crazier than the previous one.

This time round, I am learning to be patient and not rushing into trades and getting better entries. So either 90 cents or nothing for FTM.

Thanks for reading! All the best anons. Let’s get this.