$250 to 5mil

Same story as $SHIB and $DOGE. These stories will repeat itself over and over again. Many can hope and try but majority will fail. No difference from buying the lottery imo.

But still, worth a punt imo. Crypto is the only avenue where such gains are possible given the significant risk involved.

Anyone laughing at this dude needs a reality check. Dude makes life changing money and decided to materialise it. That’s all. Out traded many top traders with just one trade.

With a small capital, your best bet would be firing on low caps that are unlikely to die. Even with that, you’re not guaranteed to make it. But hey, risk to reward is still amazing NGL. If you wanna make life changing money, you NEED to take significant risk, no way around it.

It’s ok if the market humbled your ego last year. This shall be the year where you accumulate hard. Don’t let your past failures limit your future potential.

Those that are thinking of shorting $PEPE, unless you have amazing TA skills. I’ll urge you to stay away from it. There are other better options to short. Additionally, even if you short, you can only make a max of -99%. However if you were to buy spot and chill, you can easily make 10-100x during a bull run. ROI wise, doesn’t make sense to short. Not this late in the bear market anyway. We’re prolly in early stages of an accumulation range. So take advantage of it.

Every market phase requires different strategies. The time to buy and slowly DCA into your favourite alts is here imo. Just ride out the volatility and wait it out.


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