Bail out?

Same thoughts. Those that don’t manage their risk well should be taught a lesson by the market.

Repeated many times but risk management is key if you wanna survive in the game. Without it, you’ll get rekted sooner rather than later.

I suspect that there could be a contagion effect similar to what we saw during FTX debacle. Where other big names start to crack one by one.

I think we should all be thankful that these events are pretty unlikely in SG given the strict regulations and scrutiny under MAS.

Going back, I do think that companies that don’t manage their risk should be punished or many others will just follow suit. How many times can you save them? Eventually, resources will be exhausted. Vicious cycle.

And when the eventual crash comes, it’ll be far worse than expected. My take is don’t let it snowball. Recipe for disaster.. if one topples, let it be. Move on. Focus on the next logical step which is how can we prevent this from happening in the future.

SVB, Lehman brothers collapse etc. All these are the underlying reason for the birth of Bitcoin. Satoshi’s vision. Despite me being optimistic about blockchain technology. I don’t think that it’ll ever replace fiat imo.

Just my 2 cents.. I think it’s more likely that BTC remains as a speculative asset class. But eventually the volatility will reduce significantly. Something like the tradfi market where 5-10% moves are considered significant.

So take this opportunity to learn and capitalise on this volatility and inefficiency. I’m still learning to date & it’s a PVP market honestly. But eventually with a framework, things should get “easier” or rather you become more adaptable.

Learn during the bear and reap the rewards during bull. LFGGGG


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