So far, these are the boxes that have been ticked but I believe that more pain lies ahead. Despite these boxes being ticked, it could still get a lot worse imo.
Inflation really is the key driving force towards the collapse of many companies
Decreased spending power coupled with reduced salary = contraction
Hard to predict.. basically means the bottom. So during earlier parts of recession is where you start buying generally. Use TA to guide you.

Those that stuck around and learnt more during 2022 and 2023, will reap the benefits when the bull inevitably returns.

Marked this out since March 12. Been following the plan to accumulate.

When the blue box region comes for SPX, I’ll be emptying the clip. Whether or not we nuke further. Remains to be seen. But at that point of time, the rewards outweighs the risk. When and if it comes, it’s time to forget about risk and worry about capturing upside returns. (Those that read market cycles will find this familiar)


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