More pain ahead.. SVB, USDC depeg..

Key is to stay objective with your system and don’t deviate from it. I am looking for potential accumulation zones in the next 3-9 months if an opportunity presents itself. Like what I have mentioned previously, I am not bullish yet but I do think that the time to buy is really really close.

The time to be courageous and start buying is pret close imo. 3-6 months out maybe? But I think somewhere between mid-late this year would be a fantastic time to buy. I have a few alts in mind. Fundamentals aside, hype is important in this space. I do think that the alts that I plan to accumulate will eventually gain good traction. That’s my belief at least.

Except for those micro caps, I haven’t been putting on-ramping anything significant to buy big yet.

I know these news can be daunting. But I do think that this is necessary pain given how crazy things ran previously. SPX 2x from covid lows lolol. So when credit becomes tighter in the presence of sticky inflation. It’s gonna hurt of course. Many cracks will start to show. Who knows how many more black swans event will come?

The market is truly a fascinating place made up from so many different individuals with different response.

But continue to have skin in the game. Don’t give up. If you are still here with me reading this post. Know that this too shall pass. Eventually greed will return and your portfolio will start to show green if you keep buying at the lows. Then that is when you will remember this exact moment and start to plan your TP targets or exit targets.

2024-2025 prolly? Who knows. But good probability since BTC halving is around that period.

Those people that were screaming the bottom is in since the start of year, take note of it. Now you know who to avoid listening to. Be objective. Wash those out and only include those with valuable information in your circle.

I bought a significant bag of VOO at around 320 back in Nov-Dec I think. But I reckon that prices will eventually retract back to 320 and prolly 300. Buttttt, all these are just probabilities. May or may not happen. If it happens, I will load up significantly again & up my DCA amount too.

Before I end off: Just wanna say this, things may seem dark and depressing now. But really. Keep striving and looking forward. Keep DCAing into good stuff like e.g. VOO. Hard to go wrong really & you will have yourself to thank 2-3 years from now.

& Keep a significant amount of your networth off Crypto, as you never know what will happen next.. FTX, Luna and even your stables are not stable lolol. Only put in what you are willing to part to. Then those $$ that you are willing to part. Go degen on it. Explore different chains, meet like minded people. Interact with them and most importantly learn and enjoy the process.

If you want the multiples with a small capital then you HAVE to go to the other side of risk curve. On chain coins. No other way about it, but be prepared to write off this amount. Either moon or doom tbh.

Not trying to make you euphoric. But that’s where the 10-100x lies. I have seen it happen multiple times but didn’t make any efforts as it was too troublesome. This time I didnt make the same mistake and I managed to break-even whatever that I have lost previously. “Unrekted” lolol.

So I am back to the starting point after tremendous effort. It was not easy tbh but defo possible given the right market conditions. Which is clearly not now. Those that are interested in these alts, you know how to get to me. Not gonna shill it publicly or many would get rekted like how I did previously.

If you wanna stay safe. Go for BTC/ETH and VOO. The boomer play. DCA.. Very unlikely that you will fail. ATB.


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