Power of 3 (Trading)

Think that this power of 3 concept is pret interesting. Accumulation > manipulation and expansion. Really can be applied to any timeframe. But I think for max gains, this should be applied in a higher timeframe context.. (Takes a lot of patience tho)

Many coins are breaking out currently. Personally just following the trend/flow on alts. Nothing long term yet. Maybe just 2 (free ride for one as I have removed my capital, waiting for another free ride).

I think the power of 3 concept is really simple but a powerful tool that one can use. Accumulate during the manipulation phase. Invalidation will be if price drops below the lowest point during the manipulation and closes BELOW. Key word is close.

Really good strat for spot traders imo.
Would BTC ever revisit range lows again? I’m still leaning towards Yes. Eventually imo. Could be wrong but I’m really to flip anytime.
Good video on narrative trading and power of 3!

Made quite a fair bit so far from this “easy” mode market. Really thankful for it. Almost recovered all that I lost previously. So yeah, a really good start I must say. So much as luck had a role in it, I like to believe that my relentless efforts has helped me tremendously.

Send COTI next? 1.3 & I’m out. Leaving some funds in Binance for rotation sake.
This is why I try not to talk to micro caps here as many including myself initially can’t stand the volatility. Large swings up and down can really screw you up, low cap rotation game really requires strong will.

Always question your thesis when playing with small caps, where is the current narrative? Do you think price will eventually recover? Is it just pure FUD & attention will eventually return? What is the catalyst? Any large influencers shilling it? What’s their history? Any PnD history?

Many many dynamic factors to consider that is too fluid. Many will get wrecked without a framework. (So did I in the beginning)..

Define your framework, stick with it and ride it out. If it works out, the returns can be really handsome. Extract out your capital and alil profits and rotate. Regardless of how bullish, you should always extract your capital. Capital protection is key. Ignore what others say about it. FOCUS ON PROTECTING YOUR DOWNSIDE!

Conclusion: Narratives, attention span and power of 3..


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