Possible next bubble narrative

I think perhaps in mid-late 2023, AI narrative could possibly be the next bubble. All these are just speculations anyway. I can be very wrong. But I would love to capitalise on it if I’m right.

Look at APT & OP. Those that pump hard will be new shiny coins. Don’t be surprised how far it can go. Look at SOL or other metaverse coins. Crazy really.

I do think that AI narrative will have it’s time given how it is performing in current sentiments. Remember how AXS was outperforming? Before the likes of other metaverse coins catching up.

Anything with the metaverse tag on it all mooned in union. Genopets, Aurory, IMX and etc. Always be open to new ideas.

Remember how dumb metaverse sound before the narrative kicked in? I kinda feel the same way with AI now. Honestly, pretty dumb narrative imo. But I’m not gonna make the same mistake twice. This time I’ll be joining the hype.

There are many AI coins, e.g. Ocean, PHB, FET and etc. Keep these on your watchlist and deploy when the time is right. Buy the blood.

I’m gonna go with the degen approach. Either moon or doom. If it doom, I’ll just lose a small amount however if it moons, it will be crazy. So I’m willing to take the chance. The alt that I’ll be slowly adding into my portfolio is only at 1m mcap. A micro cap to put it simply. The chances of it rugging is really high. I don’t know if I’ll talk about it here. Let’s see..

Even tho I understand the “fundamentals” of the project and the potential hype behind this AI narrative. The chances of me winning, prolly close to 1-2%. So realistically, I’ll still be allocating a huge chunk to ETH when the time is right. Probabilistic thinking is crucial when it comes to investing.

The reason why I’m comfortable with allocating some to such a degen coin it’s because I know that even if this rugs, the majority of my allocation is into index (SP500 etc) funds. There’s no index fund in Crypto so buying into ETH is as good as that.

Always manage your risk first, before even thinking about risky investments. Focus on accumulating good assets and if you have spare change then sure throw some into degen investments.

This is the potential that I’m talking about hence I’m willing to take a punt.
Nice timing lolol

Only time will tell if I’m right or not. Only a very small allocation..

Early signs

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