2801 (China ETF)

I suspect that it’ll prolly range here for perhaps half a decade?

When price reaches 18 again, I’ll be adding bigger than usual. No rush. Just buying the tail end of the range. Can afford to take a much more relax approach when it comes to tradfi ETF. Boring but defo a nice break from Crypto.

Which could potentially lead to lower prices in the future. Valid point imo.

But a range is range until it’s broken. The way 2801 is accumulating is defo different from SPX hence it requires a very different approach.

For SPX, I don’t see any ranges forming, more of a lower high and lower low structure. So from this POV, buying major support “levels” seems like a more logical approach compared to 2801 where only 1 level matter. Break & it’s lights out.

You could just buy lightly into 2801 and heavier when 17-18 comes. By heavier I mean, 3-5x more than your usual DCA amount. That’ll be ideal.

Gonna be a boring 2023 imo, but it also mean that generational buying opportunities could be nearing. Always be on the lookout! ATB!


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