BTC bottom in?

I think there’s a probability that this could be a nice accumulation range for BTC given how the lows have been protected time after time
Very nice reaction from DXY.

This next rally could be a “bear market rally” on DXY as the EMAs has crossed. Signalling a lost in trend. Swing fail 108. It’s time to go HARD imo.

Removing all the bearish bias and macros and focusing on the charts because my only goal in 2023 is to buy at the tail end of an accumulation range and I do think that this could POTENTIALLY be an accumulation range.

Looking very closely on this..
Reach the blue zone again, this time I’ll be buying in good amount again.

Could I have missed the bottom? Possibly. But I’m just following my system. I do think that the market is kinda overextended atm & will retrace eventually. BUT, I feel that as long as there is a possibility that this could be a macro accumulation range, I’m snapping on the opportunity. Because if that happens, the upside outweighs the downside imo.

Just my 2 cents on this, think that I’ll start allocating a good amount very very soon. AI, Meme & WOO sounds good for now. Let’s see how it goes.

Indeed, always thought that Crypto was a quick money scheme. I was wrong.
From XO stream

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