25bps (Market rally)

Market rallying on the confirmation of 25 bps. The market doesn’t like uncertainty. As long as there’s any element of uncertainty, things will sell off.

Would DXY bounce here? Remains to be seen. But I’ll be accumulating.

But my framework has a history of being 3-4 months early. So we shall see. It’s indicating that the time to accumulate USD is now.

Is this a true break out? Before a nice retest of the blue zone? No idea. But market does look like it wants to push higher.

Market psych is truly fascinating. Just a few months ago, many were so bearish. Just a few green candles and all became bulls. Take advantage of situations like this. Market inefficiencies and volatility will always provide you plenty of opportunity if you’re patient.

I would prolly be kicking myself 6-12 months ago if I miss opportunities like this. But things change with knowledge. Dance until the party is over.

Now.. let DXY show who is king. A few months from now? Who knows.

Give a decent rally till 103 then 108 pls? Then I’ll start allocating into my shitcoins again. Ideal situation. May or may not happen. But hey, we play with probabilities.

All these are just spot trading. Nothing else. Less stressful for me. Allows me to free up more time for school.

Don’t fall into the FOMO trap anons. Buy in red and sell in green. Let’s be patient. 🤝


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