Is it time to be bullish?

I’m seeing many bullish sentiments around CT. Often times, it’s best to take profit and remain in fiat during times of euphoria like this. Esp in a bear market rally.

Explained on why I’m not bullish yet.

If you have caught the recent local bottom, give yourself a pat and take that damn profit. Profits there might not be there tomorrow.

I don’t care if it’s just 10%, 20% or if it’s just $10. Take it & buy yourself a cup of coffee or whatever. Don’t give it back.

I’ve my reservations on why I don’t quite think that the lows are in. But I could be wrong. Just playing with probabilities here. PMI contracting, EMAs not compressing YET, Feds still have room to remove liquidity etc.

Hard for me to be completely bullish here imo. I’m just waiting for good buying opportunities which I think could come this year. Preserve good capital until it comes & snap on it.

Nothing has changed. Still think 3 figure ETH again. Gib 700ish and I’ll start accumulating for the next cycle.

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