Possible bottom for SPX?

2465 would be dream area to bid imo, that is if we get it

The last time SPX touched the 200 EMA on the monthly chart was back in 2012. A decade ago. Crazy imo. The highlighted blue region is my value zone and good zone to bid imo.

But if SPX loses the box, I’ll be looking to bid 3257 then 2465 next.

If 2465 comes, this will be an absolute gift LOL. If it comes and you start to back off and not bid. NGMI lolol.

If the macro is really as bad as what it seems to be then I don’t see what SPX can’t tap 2465. If that happens, what makes you think BTC wouldn’t tag 10-13k? & what makes you think that ETH wouldn’t tag 400-500?

These are areas of interest for me and where I’ll be bidding with a good chunk of my portfolio. Just using TA to guide my entries on good assets.

By good assets, I mean assets that I know will increase in value overtime. Human psych, greed and market cycle never change. Always the same.

Hard to pick out which alt or which stock would be a nice one to bid to enjoy the ride up. Look at litecoin, perfect example lolol. Or XRP.. didn’t even moon when other alts were mooning. Dinosaur coins to say the least.

But one thing that I’m confident is that ETH/BTC will prolly go through another cycle. High probability. So I’m betting 70% in ETH and prolly 30% in PYR.

Stocks wise, 100% SPX LOL. Maybe alil reit and China index. Other than that, nothing else. I’m going for high probability wins and betting as much as I can on these.

Leaving a decent chunk left for those with lower probability but crazy returns if I’m right.

One prolly a couple hundred bucks on a small cap meme shit coin LOL. Excited to see how this will unfold. Either moon or doom.

That’s all for today. Atb anons.


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