Nikko AM REITs TA update

Looking fairly decent. Good reaction off 0.86.

I honestly would love to accumulate more of it but R/R wise. Better off with SP500. I mean who doesn’t like to receive nice quarterly dividends. Esp now that it’s cheap to accumulate the underlying asset.

But it is what it is. I think there’s a good chance that this should form the range for CFA.. between 0.8-1. Accumulate at the tail end if interested.

Imo, at this point of time, given that there are signs that (according to my system) the time to be slightly aggressive is now. So slowly adding tradfi stuff like SP500 and CFA don’t seem like a bad idea imo.

Despite the momentum still being to the downside, if you can stomach another downside of 20-30% possibly then accumulating now shouldn’t be an issue.

Be realistic, you’ll NEVER catch the bottom. But you can always plan and buy closer to the tail end of the range given if you have enough patience.

Patience is the name.
Now, this gives me a lot of conviction that 17-22 would be the new range for now. Give 17-18ish next and I’ll be a buyer.
Tap 1.8k soon?

Been an exciting month in Crypto. Narrative trading is truly fun lolol. Important for you to plan out your exits tho.

Much easier to play spot and chill when the current market sentiments are “bullish”..

That’s all I’ve for today. Good luck and happy new year anons.


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