Human psych never change

How many were screaming for $1-2 $SOL? When it was at one of the key support levels?

Sold half (took out my capital) and reinvested it again. Goal is to accumulate more on this token. Managed to increase my stack by almost 50%. Happy with how I’ve been playing with smol size lolol

Truth to be told, never look down on smol sizes. If you have the curiosity and drive, you’ll still be able to seek out wonderful opportunities and compound on it. Managed to compound my trading size till 2k USD. Started with only $50. Truth to be told, most of it came from spot plays and not leverage plays.

Easy to be SLed if you’re into futures. Unless you’re shorting, I think a smarter play would be in spot instead. Just my 2 cents.

I wouldn’t be surprise to see this kick off tbh. With Andre back. Only a matter of time before people start paying attention here.
Where I’ll be interested in $WOO. Eventually imo. Would play it as how I have been playing recently. 2x & I’ll sell my initial and wait for better prices. Simple play.. just requires tremendous patience. Draft out a plan and follow! Make it your edge.

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