2022 reflections & 2023 goals

Looking back this year, there were defo good (school) and bad things (crypto and stocks) that has took place this year. Gonna slowly run through it all.

1. Got wrecked by Crypto, did fairly decent in tradfi. Tried to apply the same DCA strategy on Crypto and it didn’t work well. Moral of the story: DCA prolly works better in stocks because you’ve more time to think and react. But it is also much slower and more boring. Harder to get wreck on an index fund tbh compared to shit coins lolol.

2. Didn’t manage my risk well in Crypto. Allocated too much to Ponzi scams. When really I should’ve looked at possible levels to accumulate ETH.

3. Too impulsive and let my emotions took over in crypto. I was not logical enough. Felt that I have improved as I am alil more knowledgeable but still loads of room for improvement.

4. Did well with SG stocks and SP500 so far, will be looking to accumlate more SP500 at lower prices come 2023

5. In terms of school, defo am glad that one of the hardest part (clinicals) is done and dusted. Focusing on the last run. Happy with how I maintained my grades so far too.

6. Relationship wise, would like to improve it with my close friends and loved ones. Been neglecting them alil because I was busy with school, reading and also trading.

2023 goals

– Be good at my craft as a physio, would like to specialise in MSK (Maintain my current GPA too)

– Build better relationship with loved ones

– Be more calm and logical when it comes to investing

– Be better at trading (Might do another challenge $20 to $200 perhaps)

– Accumulate prolly double digits worth of ETH and channel 80% of PF into SP500

Will look back to see if I have achieved any of it

Predictions for stocks/Crypto in 2023

– I believe that BTC will start its bottoming process and range between 9-13k (could be wrong)

– I believe that ETH will eventually trade between 300-600ish and range there.

– I think WOO will be one of top CEX maybe in late 2023

– Think SOL will make a comeback imo.. despite all the FUD. Will be looking closely at its ecosystem with good tokenomics.

– Think PYR has a good chance to reach 3 figures

Moving on to stocks

– Think SPX would reach 3200 eventually & I’ll be buyer there. Confluent with a few technicals analysis that I believe in.

– With China opening up, 2801 looks pretty decent, think it could range around 17-22ish

– REITS ETF (Nikko), think that it will continue to stay beaten down if interest rates continues to be high. Hard to be bullish here. Until I see a reclaim of $1. If not it does look like it’s going lower. Regardless I’ll be a buyer.

– STI ETF: This is one resilient tank LOL, honestly I’m surprised. Eventually I will divert my gains back in here and also into REITS. Will assess which is more attractive in the far future.

Will look back at this prolly June 2023 and Dec 2023 again. Happy new year anons!! 🎊🎉


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