Alt coins

Tag $1.5 and I might be dipping my toes in

I like how PYR is still building despite current market sentiments. Would like to get a bag when the right time comes. No need to rush.

Started to lightly degen DCA on a meme coin LOL. Gonna be a part of my “forget that it exist” portfolio. Either moon or doom. #Dogcoins4lyfe

Pure gambling on this. Only doing this because history has shown time and time again that dogs coins will always moon at the last phase of a bull market.

Not sure if it’ll happen again in the next bull cycle, but probability lies with it happening again.

Not gonna bother trying to catch the bottom for dog coins because when it moons, it’s almost impossible to get on board LOL. I rather get on board earlier than later.

Ye, exactly my point. Don’t be too greedy. Put your entire crypto net worth into ETH and multiply it by 10x. If it’s 10k, you would have reached a new net worth of 100k by absolutely doing nothing and just buying ETH.

So my take is 70-80% ETH and 20% for a coin with good hype and “fundamentals”. Once you start including alts into your portfolio, an element of uncertainty comes in hence you’ll assume more risk. But it is what is. Risk and reward are intimately correlated. Higher risk = higher reward. Simple as that.

Looking closely at this too

With FTX saga, could another CEX alt take over the realm and compete with Binance? This is the narrative that WOO is sitting on. Huge potential I must say.

0.05 level would be the perfect place to scoop up some, pls gib. 30x potential to the top.

Can’t deny that WOO is looking more attractive compared to PYR. Let’s see how it goes. Accumulating ETH still remains the priority for now.

Until then! Atb anons and early happy new year!


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