Meme trendline on SPX

Would history repeat again? Or would SPX finally break this? I still think that the probabilities are to the downside.

I think if you’re up on anything in this bearish environment, you’re winning.

Been chilling alil on this. Would like to get in with more size when the time comes. With PMI rolling over and job unemployment rates still on the low side. The feds still have room to remove liquidity and maintain their hawkish stance. Nevertheless, this brings great buying opportunities.

Send it down bears, I’ll be waiting. When unemployment rate rises & people need food over holding on to their beloved stocks. That’s when you know bottom is close. Even tho my framework has been flashing some sort of possible bottom given the macro sentiments. I’m being alil cautious here because the charts have not been to my liking.

I think probabilities are still to the downside for now.

Still think that we have at least 6 more months to go before a possible “bottom” or macro accumulation phase starts. So Q2 next year prolly before I start aggressively buying ETH. Master the cycle, this is your opportunity.

Don’t let your past failure cloud your vision. Look at datas objectively. Make an informed decision based on it.

3 digit eth would be a beaut. Can’t wait for it kek. When the bull returns & liquidity is rich. ETH NFT eco goes wild again. With their deflationary model, I would believe that 10k eth isn’t impossible. We shall see.

Not so meme after all eh?


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