Nuke city & first DCA

Talked about this just 1-2 months ago

These are the only funds I’ve left in FTX. So if funds can’t be recovered, I’ll take a small scratch. My plan was to start accumulating SOL anywhere below $20.

So ye, just sticking to the plan. Still think that it could drop lower down. Next one will be $13-15, then I’ll reassess the reaction from there.

This is just a small % of what I plan to DCA. So, I’ll take it slow and slowly spread it out. But 28 SOL is a good start. Helps to prevent any sort of FOMO when you’ve a small bag.

Anyway, this FTX saga’s really tragic. Hope those that have a huge sum inside FTX would be able to somehow recover majority of your positions.

Moving forward, will be looking forward for lower prices. Stay calm, have a plan and execute it. ATB anons.


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