Accumulation phase for $SOL?

This is where it gets interesting for SOL.. lower part of the BB falling on $27.. Signs of inactivity (compression), however the weekly 12/21 EMA still needs abit work. Further compression of the weekly 12/21 EMAs would get me really interested.
On the daily chart, extremely clear that its been in an accumulation phase since June. Is it truly the time to buy $SOL yet? TA wise, the time could be close. 3-6 months time perhaps? FA wise, imo.. not yet.
US dollar still looks like it has room to go imo..
Same thing here with US bond yields

Additionally BTC’s weekly BB falls at 15k and ETH falls around 900ish. So, the pressure is still to the downside for now. If BTC nukes, what makes you think that SOL will hold up?

Like I have said many times, now it’s the time to start looking for beautiful opportunities to accumulate.

Interesting correlation. PMI/equities and crypto on the same downtrend.

Whatever it is, anything below $20 and I will be a buyer. Imo.. even though this recession has caused many unfortunate events e.g. Credit Suisse fud, 3AC collapse, Luna collapse, Netflix nuking and etc.

This is a generational learning opportunity for those who remain curious and dont stop learning. It’s not an everyday that you get to experience and learn from an actual recession.

The last time was 13/14 years ago, 2008/2009 financial crisis. I believe those that went through this are prolly still scarred till this day. But look at those who kept learning and didn’t give up. Or those that were analyzing key data and made a high probability trade.. (The Big Short)

One of the best imo.

I think in my upcoming post, I will prolly talk about good indicators that one could use that may indicate that momentum is flattening and possibly shifting to the upside.

Until then, ATB anons!


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