Market sentiments (Objective)

Pret crazy to see Crypto “decoupling” in the short term and seeing Pentoshi being a mini bull. (Mad respect to this champ)

But it kinda make sense for Crypto to be rallying alil given that US30Y and US10Y went down alil. What doesn’t fall into place here is that SP500 hasn’t been responding the way it should be.

There it is..

Having said that, it still doesn’t make sense for Crypto to be rallying as it is usually correlated to SP500 and SP500/Crypto/stocks are inversely correlated with US10Y/30Y. So, objectively going forward any pumps are still for shorting imo.

Look at the trajectory of both uptrends for US bonds.. explosive and unforgiving. Doesn’t look like it’s stopping anytime soon. Hence there is a good chance that SP500 may eventually revisit high 2000ish if this continues.

Smash through this support and 2956 will be next..
Interesting video..

If Credit Suisse crashes like Lehmann, it is gonna be really gruesome imo. SP500 and Crypto prolly slips through any existing support like butter if this happens.

So after pointing out objectively all the real concerns, why am I still heavily adding onto SP500? I strongly believe that in times of greatest fear, comes the greatest opportunities. This is where asymmetrical bet lies.

SP500 right at major support, a level where I marked out 8 months back, so of course I feel the fear that everyone is feeling, I am only human. But after laying out all the objective factors in comparison to opportunities, I would say that one should feel euphoric at current prices esp on strong assets. So, being objective allows me to shift my focus from fear to euphoria. And tbh, the lower SP500, BTC, ETH, SOL and etc goes, the more euphoric I get.

Upside vs downside: Just another POV
Just another POV too

DCA at the right time (downwards) at logical support zones to bring your average entry down then perhaps you could enjoy a 2-5x upside.

Q4 2021 till Q2 2023 may present some beautiful buying opportunities so preserve some of your capital until then..


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