CFA (Nikko AM REITS) etf

If you’re a lazy investor and dont wanna pick your own stocks but still want exposure to the general REITs market, then ETF is the answer. I believe that there are a few reits ETF out there e.g. Lion-phillip.

One of the more popular one these days would be SYFE’s Reits + portfolio. I believe Kevin (Turtleinvestor) has covered why he chose to use SYFE’s platform for his REIT’s investment. Check it out if you’re interested.

So, I am not going to go into the fundamental perspective of which REIT etf to pick. But in terms of expense ratio wise, CFA (0.5%) is the lowest if I’ve not mistaken.

Think that he covers the fundamental perspective much better than myself. I am just going into TA.
I’m just gonna zoom into TA and touch each of them briefly.
Eventually this shall revisit $7 imo, so short term down-trend but as you can see, it has been going up since 2018, so normal for it to retrace. But currently it is below the 12/21 EMA, so until the 12/21 EMA compresses, this will continue to go down. But given the outlook of the chart. I think this is a good dip to buy imo. Clear long term uptrend trajectory.
Generally still in a nice uptrend, and 12/21 EMA compressing nicely.. Nothing to be worried about atm.
Looking good too, good dip to buy imo. Still resting about support, only thing that looks alil worrying is the cross of 12/21 EMA. But until it loses support, it is still a good dip to buy.
I expect this to slowly head down towards target eventually.
Same thing.. Clear uptrend. Only worrying thing is the crossed over of 12/21 EMA. This chart looks like pre-BTC tower fall imo.
Clear uptrend, so dips are still for buying imo..
Same thing
Looks like crap LOL, eventually the blue line imo. Lucky it’s only 3% of the entire CFA.

Despite many of these charts being in a uptrend, there is a real possibility that the following chart (below) can happen because the 12/21 EMA has crossed in almost all the chart.

Yes, this can happen to many of the charts above. So the downside risk is real for REITS and still present imo. The worrying part is the 12/21 EMA crossing like what I’ve shared..

Having said that, REITS are a completely different asset compared to growth stocks (SP500 falls here too despite being an ETF). So, the trajectory of market structure may not follow the a typical growth stock pattern. So, it may still continue to go up.

There’s a reason why it hasn’t dipped like a typical growth stock chart e.g. Meta/BTC/Netflix and etc. During times like this, when people stay risk off from growth stocks, REITS can be a good place to transfer your wealth to. I mean, slower market movement coupled with good dividends sounds like a good place to hide.

Now.. moving on to CFA

Looks horrible LOL.. Tbh, I’ve been DCAing into this w/o looking at the chart. I have been doing this for a few years now. After the covid crash, it is clear it has not been doing that well. Still in a clear downtrend. Looking like 0.86 level will be revisited eventually again.

But honestly, I am in this for the long term and a ETF is generally alot more stable compared to picking individual stocks. So yeah, I am just going to “blindly” keep DCAing into. I see lower prices as a good opportunity to accumulate more. I do think that this will eventually go back up again given the uptrend trajectory of the charts (sub parts of this ETF) that I have shared above.

Even the STI ETF chart looks better imo.

Tbh, I am big lover of REITS and I would like to eventually accumulate at least 7 figures worth. That would make up to at least 40k per annual. Passive income at it’s best.

But due to the slow growth trajectory, the plan now is to go for something with higher growth potential e.g. Crypto/SP500 and then dump it into REITS in the far future. That’s the biggest goal. Of course, I would be dividing it into Nikko AM reits ETF and Nikko STI ETF. (I dont like being overly exposed to one type of dividend play stocks)

Going forward, my crypto post will start to be alil more boring given that retail money are slowly leaving the space. This is when you start to research and buy a shitload of your convicted alts before unloading during the bull market.

That’s all I have for today. Long post. All the best!


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