I’ve a scheduled post coming up regarding REITS.. A different view from your usual fundamental stuff. It was prepped 2-3 weeks ago? All I can say it embrace for an upcoming impact if you’re invested in this.

This does not look good at all LOL. 0.86 next.. Whatever it is, risk-off behavior is seriously affecting the whole market. I will continue to DCA into CFA. But I really don’t like how crappy this chart looks LOL. No linear progression at all.

This is one that will stay as a fundamental play. The lower it goes, the better for me. Hard to go wrong with an ETF. Esp with all the top companies in there. This will eventually bounce. Only DCA-ing a small amount into it every month. VOO will remain the largest tradfi play regardless. R/R is the best with VOO.

All the best anons. Hope that yall will enjoy the upcoming REIT post!

There it is… (29/09/2022)


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