Year 4 (PT)

Man, really feels surreal. Sometimes when I look back at my Y2 days. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was mugging for an upcoming important examination.

Only after going through placement, I realized that things ain’t as beautiful or straightforward as what the textbook says. Everyone is dynamic, so adaptation is key.

6-7 months of this and I will be done for good. That is if I don’t go for masters or doctorate in physio. Which I would love to if given the opportunity.

There’s soooo much to learn in this every specialization that it gets really inundating. I only learnt the importance of specializing when I’m on placement. No one will know everything regardless of how smart you are. There’s a ceiling.

One last placement after this, one last push. Thesis after this and it’ll be done. Can’t wait for the day where it’s all done and dusted.

Anyone watching this? Such a good series. LOL

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