This is something that I will never understand, if you thinking of apeing into some meme tokens on a meme blockchain.

Kudos to your bravery, but you should avoid the HODLER mentality here or you’ll get rekted. The PvP game’s getting harder and harder to play as liquidity is drying out and it is likely that the players that you’re playing against are sophisticated gamblers.

So the odds are against you really. But please only ape in what you’re willing to lose. Stay safu anons.

Generally, when meme coins starts pumping, it is an indicator that the uptrending market is about to end. Except for the last cycle where Metaverse tokens followed suit, after which L1s were the narrative.

I do think that the metaverse is heating up and that it’ll be the next to run after meme tokens.

Currently, I am only invested in AXS as I like how the chart looks, hoping for alil more dip to get in with more size.

It’s ok if you miss the run with meme tokens, the higher it climbs, the harder it falls. I’ll remember it at resistance.


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