I think this post summarises the bullish thesis of PYR pretty well. Being exposed to the bear market has certainly changed my way of evaluating a project.

Important point

One of the most important point imo, token inflation is something to take note of. I actually like the fact that PYR’s total supply is not far away from its circulating supply. Key factor imo.

I’m not a fan of PYR’s game graphic tbh. But I’ve learnt that I like doesn’t matter. What matters is that there are many paying attention to it and actually hyping this proj up.

TA wise, the time to buy isn’t here yet, an accumulation zone around $1.5 would be ideal. Don’t need to rush. There will be ample time to accumulate. Anything you buy now is for selling in the short term. Only at $1.5, would I start to build a long term position.

I like how the team is advancing tbh. Not a fan of the graphic but defo a fan of how they work.

Human psych (greed) will always be the same at every cycle, the key is to take advantage of it. Honestly, the best way to play in a bull market is to wait for a narrative and just participate in P&D scheme with copy cats. Waiting for a listing dump, buy and then wait, sell when it moons. (1.5x – 2x)

Then recycle profits and repeat. This is the exact reason why I’m careful when it comes to acquiring alts now because you really can’t predict which one will survive. Much easier to follow narrative in a bull market.

*I know that this post is alil old, and I have bought PYR at $4. But do note that I will be selling on bear rally bounces.*

PYR’s worth at least 80-100 per coin imo given the hype and “fundamentals”. But your entry point is crucial and the time isn’t here yet. Be patient!

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