SP500 soon…

Getting close.. still alil room to go. Most of my cai png money came from shorting instead of longing. In a bear market, you can short at crappy entries and get away with it. So your best bet is to short.

The opposite applies in a bull market.. market context is king imo. I’ve been DCAing more aggressively into SP500 now. It’s the main focus for now.

DCAing into SP500 during dips have always been profitable historically, keep it simple with tradfi. Just 1-3 index funds and you’re set for life. Of course, you can never use history to predict future events. But history does influence probabilities. So your best bet is to go with probabilities.

Major outlook looking pretty harsh going forward with recession being a real possibility. But this is also the best time to buy. Keep stacking SP500, invest as much as you can into it while not compromising your quality of life. When the inevitable bull returns, you’ll be thanking yourself for the decisions that you have made today.

Too much SAGA around Crypto currently, Celsius, Luna, 3AC.. etc etc. This is what happens when liquidity is drying up. Nothing much to update here, just looking for shorting opportunities.

Will update again when I see an accumulation phase for ETH. That’s the time to start massively accumulating. Hopefully till BTC halving in 2024.. plenty of time to get a crap load by then. Just short term trades until then.

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