Market structure

This is one of the most useful guide imo.

Good shorting opportunity
Good shorting opportunity

This is a really good guide, simple tbh. Find those with broken structure and more room for downside, then short it.

I like CRV/PYR’s chart, looks close to accumulation phase.

Feel like ETH still has room for downside, I don’t know how low it’s gonna drop, all I care about is how the structure looks. Could be 700-100, we shall see. R/R wise, ETH is the best when it enters a phase of accumulation. Very very likely it’ll eventually break through ATH and reach 5 figures in the far future.

The alts that you’re holding might x10-100 but it’s too difficult to pick out which one will really moon. They can remain dead like LTC. Hence R/R and probability wise, getting ETH is a no brainer.

My plan forward is just to slowly accumulate ETH, SP500 and SG REIT. That’s all, im gonna keep it simple. Still bullish on CRV and AURY, but the time to buy isn’t here yet. ETH is the way to go for now.. Oh yes and slowly hone my trading skills too.

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