Pure trading

Decided to change my approach alil, I decided to try to test out my trading system. Been slightly better at detecting trends and support levels. Yes, I have said that I removed shorting completely from my strategy but I think at this point of time I am ready to try to slowly integrate it back into my arsenal.

Nothing shared here is financial advice. I only apeing an extremely small amount here. $50 USD to be exact. I will be trading at 2-3x leverage, so this is extremely high risk. Please don’t try to follow blindly. DYOR!

I will post all my PnL here. This is solely for my own reflection. So, I have something to look back to. Also, it’ll be awesome if you could learn something from my mistakes too. Hopefully by then, you wouldnt need to pay membership fees for crappy trading signals lolol.

Paying attention to GMT currently, it rallied pretty hard recently. Looking to short at $2 all the way to roughly 1 dollar-ish. Let’s see if it reaches to my area of interest
Another one that I will be paying close attention to. If rejection is confirm, I will short it to $35.
Waiting for compression of the 12/21 EMA, then I will short it down to 0.7 for SAND.

I gravitate more towards to GMT because I have the highest win rate with that sort of set up. Very clear and clean S/R level.

MANA isn’t that bad too

My ideal set up current would be GMT, let’s see if I’ll get the set up that I want. Second in line would be MANA. Let’s see how things go.

Again, I would like to emphasize that this is solely only for my own reflection and education purpose. DYOR pls! ATB anons.

Happened quicker that I thought lolol

TP: 44, SL 54, let’s see how it goes.

14th May: Closed SOL short early at 47ish (Ending balance: 58.4)

– Don’t like to hold positions overnight, gonna wake up tomorrow and see what the market presents!

– Fortunate to have closed it early, market seems to be going for a pump, let’s see how it goes. If GMT reaches $2, I’ll be shorting it down. (Conviction for GMT short 7/10)

15th May: No positions today, market seems to be going for a leg up. Gonna keep it chill and assess again tomorrow for any potential set ups.

16th May: Choppy market today, didn’t see any potential set ups. Was thinking about a PYR short initially. But this market is too choppy for me. I don’t have any edge here on the 4h to 1 day timeframe. Don’t think that I’ll be trading anything today. GL anons. Clinicals starts tmr, would assess again the market again in the morning.

5.3 would’ve been a good short entry, didn’t have conviction as BTC/ETH is right on support. If rips from here, I would defo lose. Not a market that I would like to trade today.

16th May: Spoke too soon, I’m in SOL short now.

Lost on this trade

Cut my SOL short early, too eager to short and was not able to control my emotions well. Gonna be better than this. Objectively, could’ve entered in at a better time.

I don’t have good R/R w this sort of set up.

Prolly gonna call it a day, let’s see how it goes!

20th May: Entered quick KNC short

– Final balance: 58.4


21st May: Shorted PEOPLE/USDT, coin sounds hella sus lolol.

LFGGG caipng money if I win
Clear rejection according to my set up. Could technically aim for 0.02. But I’m gonna go for 0.022 to be conservative.

It’s good to be aggressive in profit taking in this market context where there is no clear direction. Still waiting for people.. BTC’s acting really erratic these days.

Got stopped out on PEOPLE’s short. Re-entered again. Set up is there. Lesson learnt: Set my SL slightly higher than the highest wick in the future. But I re-entered again because there was a clear rejection. Let’s see how it goes.


LOL what a crazy pump. Lost twice today. Oh well. Better luck next time

Final balance: 36.2

22th May: Enter a NEAR long. A few coins has moved. Near is the only one that has not. Going for a catch up trade here.

6.7 would be a good target. I’ll be taking profits from 6.3 onwards

Closed at a 1 buck profit lolol. Learnt from yesterday’s lesson to not be greedy. Profit is profit. Let’s see if there are any short term trades later on.

Don’t go against it, follow it. I’m in.. 30.78 LFGG

Exited! Just a really short trade. Idc where it gonna go for him lolol. Kopi money secured.

People’s PERP screwed me up lol.. my SL didn’t get triggered due to the crazy ass pump. The time to short this will come eventually I’m sure.

22nd May Final balance: $39 (-$20)

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