What a nuke

What a nuke on Luna lolol. All it takes is a bear market and the orange coin descend to show whose king.

Luna’s main bullish thesis was all about decentralised stablecoin. But now that this narrative has failed (at least temporarily), of course you’ll see prices nuke lolol.

So if you think that your asset would never fail. Think again. Be fluid and dynamic. Again, my portfolio took a beating. But I believe that this is necessary pain before gains. You’ll never be able to time the market, so stop wishing that or you’ll always fail.

GG mate lolol, now it’s the time to buy, not when it moons. You gotta be the one that buys during max FUD to sell during max euphoria.

Look at BTC pairs and see which alts are holding up well. Read up more about it, build conviction on those alts & BTFD. Then repeat.

Good example
Wild’s touching down soon, ideally would like to see an accumulation phase before going in again.

I’m just being patient and chilling really. Weekly DCA is so much fun during times like this where I can adjust and DCA more.

When the time comes for metaverse narrative again, confident that WILD will be able to compete with top tier projects. 0.1-0.3 is where I would be looking kek.

Another good example
Exactly lolol. using a volatile asset as a foundation for a non-volatile asset, don’t make sense
Really good thread at the right time

Time to head back to bed, Crypto really messes up your sleep cycle lolol. Atb anons.

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