Buy strong alts then it’ll moon right?

Differing opinions tho

Remember how strong L1s were a few months back? Look at where it is now. Has the fundamentals changed? Clearly no. But has the price action changed? Significantly..

It’s PvP market currently, which is why you have to understand what you’re getting yourself into before committing. If you’re panicking because your favourite alts has dropped by more than 30% and you’re not thinking of DCAing in. Then you’re in the wrong investment.

Honestly, it’s difficult or rather almost impossible to know which asset would moon. So, your best bet would be fundamentals, hype and price action.

Hype’s the most important on imo. Hype is also one of the many reasons why I’m bullish on gamefi as a whole.

Furthermore, gamefi may be one of the best way to on-ramp newbies to Crypto. Think about it, would your lil bro/sis try out defi? Prolly not. But would they try out games? Prolly.. Regardless age, gamefi reduces the barrier to entry significantly.

If you ain’t invested in any gamefi projects currently, then you’re significantly limiting your upside imo. I could be wrong and nothing here is FA. Only time would tell if I’m right.

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