Tough bearish times

Moving forward, things would be much more challenging as hospital placement starts soon. Prolly wouldn’t have much time to focus on Crypto but I’ll still try my best to update here if I have pockets of free time.

It is crucial to priorities my learning as of now as I am responsible for the lives of others. I aspire to be a top notch clinician in the far future so gotta put in the work. No excuses. By the time this post is released, I would be 1/4 done with placement. Hoping that it’ll be a positive one!

This tiny space of mine has been gaining quite abit of traction recently. I have received messages from people telling me that they have really benefitted from here. I am happy and humbled to hear that. Appreciate all the support.

Moving forward, macro outlook does not look good be it in tradfi or crypto. Understand that it is painful to see your beloved portfolio get smashed down by -50% or more. But I just wanna reiterate that this correction is completely normal after a crazy parabolic run with SP500 x2 from the Covid lows and BTC going from 4 to 5 figures.

A correction is inevitable. But always remember, with every irritational sell off comes a parabolic run. It will come sooner or later. Remember how bad things looked during the covid crash be it for tradfi or crypto? How people were calling for even lower prices? A wise CT once said “There are many bearish/bullish narratives but there is only one chart”. This statement has resonated in me ever since. He was one of the only few bullish ones during the whole COVID crash and he is currently bullish. So, it really says alot.

Hindsight, it was a beautiful time to accumulate. So, what you do now will make a huge difference in the future. Embrace the pain, it will be worth it.

Ouch, but it happens. I am still DCAing into this because I don’t see why China wouldn’t be able to go head to head with US in the far future.
This could very well be next, lets see how it goes.

DCA, FARM and chill. Close to 2am now, time for me to sleep. Gn anons!

Note: By the time this post is out, sentiments might not be bearish anymore. But the same thing applies, buy in fear & sell in euphoria.

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