Tradfi ETF

Out of curiosity, I went to research alil on VWRA. Basically it’s an index that tracks the market performance around the WHOLE world.

So, I was thinking “Oh wow, maybe I could just invest in this and forgo my VOO & 2801”. As y’all might know, I’m a big fan of passive index funds despite being heavily involved in Crypto.

But after researching more, I was disappointed to see the heavy allocation towards US. So it kinda make sense why it has a similar chart to S&P 500 since most of the gains prolly came from it.

Additionally, I don’t like the measly allocation to China market. Therefore, I don’t plan to change any of my tradfi plans. If my thesis on the China market is true then it would not move the charts by much.

If anyone of you would like to educate me more about VWRA or know of any other ETF that tracks the overall market index evenly. Please do let me know! Always happy to learn from you.

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