Mini finale (PT)

I remember asking my seniors these questions when I was in year 1, “how does it feel like to be in Y3”, “Man, how does it feel like to finish your last practical exams”, “how did yall do it?”

Fast forward to my turn, I finally finished my final practical exam and honestly it feels surreal. I remember practicing so hard just so that I could get a good grade. That was my aim from Y1 and obviously I didn’t managed to obtain my desired grades many times and I always beat myself for it.

The desire to obtain a good grade slowly dwindled and it became more of a “survival” game than a “trying to win” game. Frankly speaking, as long as I did my best and I don’t fail, I’m honestly ok with that.

Thinking back, I’ve sacrificed a lot to be in my current position.. mental health, nights with friends, games, time with family and so much more.

Was it worth it? Yes of course. Was it tough? Yes of course. As cliche as it sounds, I think that it’s an understatement to say that it feels rewarding to be in a position where you can change the lives of others.

The next challenge after the final practical exams… would be the long awaited clinical placements…

Despite hearing all the fear inducing stories about hospital placements. I would say that I am willing to go in with a clear mind without any of these weighing me down and learn as much as I can!

Random pic to end off this post 😛

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