One Way Up Wall Street (Brief Summary)

Reading has always been something that I enjoy and recently I have decided to read a book that has been left in my bookshelf for awhile due to school and I must say that this is one of the best book I have read. Highly recommended.

Brief summary

  1. There are many hidden gems yet to be discovered by wall street. Whenever the author pays a visit to a potential business, he would always follow up with this question “when was the last time an analyst from wall street came?”. Answers such as never, 5 years ago would excite him.
  2. The common misconception that individuals have are that Wall Street has gotten everything covered, what’s there left to uncover? The answer is plenty as Wall Street analyst are tied down by many rules that does not apply to retail investors such as market cap. E.g. Wall Street analyst would usually wait for a smaller market cap stock to grow significantly (even 100x) before investing into as they would prefer to stay on the safe side.
  3. Do not invest in HOT stocks, how many times have you heard of companies hyped to be the next amazon actually achieving it?
  4. Look for companies that buy back shares as companies that buy back shares would make your shares more valuable.
  5. Sometimes hidden gems can be as simple as the food court opposite your place and the new burrito sandwich 15 minutes away from your house.
  6. Take note of a dividend payout record, if a company is able to distribute dividends even during recession, it means that you are investing in a good company.

Thank you for reading this short post and summary. I have included a YouTube link for a more comprehensive summary if you are interested.

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